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    Automatic PHP session cleanup

    Does OLS not come with a cron job to automatically clean up PHP sessions? We just had quite a bit of downtime due to OLS filling up /tmp with PHP session files. I had assumed there would be a cleanup cron job in place (Like there is with the standard PHP binaries that come from the OS Repos) but...
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    Problems with LSCache / Wordpress / external cookie

    We have Wordpress installed at / and a forum installed at /forums. When the user logs in to the forums, a cookie is set. We have configured the LSCache Wordpress plugin to exclude caching if this cookie is present. The rewrite rule generated by the plugin is present in our .htaccess file, and...
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    Please help me convert this nginx rewrite into Litespeed rewrite

    I have the following nginx rewrite rule that works great, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out the right way to add it to Litespeed: ~^/index\.php\?(?<suffix>(forums|threads|members|resources|posts|help|tags|attachments).*)$ /forums/$suffix; Here is what I added to Litespeed, but it's...