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  1. Radhitya

    OpenLiteSpeed Configuration For 1 GB Ram

    Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings I have a question, how do I optimize the performance of OpenLiteSpeed on 1GB Ram? This is my OpenLiteSpeed configuration which may need to be tweaked to optimize it, thanks! # # PLAIN TEXT CONFIGURATION FILE # #It not set, will use host name as...
  2. Radhitya

    Best OpenLiteSpeed Tuning For 1 GB Ram VPS

    Hi everyone, im Alif Radhitya and new in there. I have VPS with 1 gb ram, 1 core cpu, and 20 GB SSD. Currently running Wordpress Multisite (2 website). I curious about OpenLiteSpeed Optimization since i dont find articles about it. How to optimize OpenLiteSpeed for my vps?