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  1. kowalski215

    High TTFB when litespeed cache is missed

    Hi everyone, I have some website on the same VPS using OLS and Cyberpanel. I noticed that, when a visitor firstly sees a page(and cache has not been generated yet), the TTFB is quite high (around 2 to 3 seconds). In headers I see: x-litespeed-cache: miss (which is okay, as I'm viewing the page...
  2. kowalski215

    Webadmin console on CentOS 8

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so I hope I got the correct section for asking for support. I successfully installed OLS and CyberPanel on an unmanaged VPS with CentOS 8. Everything was working fine, the only problem is that I cannot access OLS WebAdmin console after a while (I would say, around...