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  1. soliman18eg

    What is the best to use with AWS RDS (aurora or MariaDB)

    I am using Cyber Panel assuming now difference in OLS as far as I know that OLS using Maria DB. and I am trying to figure AWS RDS which is a mix and improvement of MySQL and PostgreSQL. please keep n mind that...
  2. soliman18eg

    does anyone has an expiernce with AWS RDS with open lite speed ?

    I am looking to create RDS Maria db on AWS. and not sure how is this going to work anyone has experience let me know
  3. soliman18eg

    What is the complete difference beetwen OpenLiteSpeed & LiteSpeed Enterprise? OLS vs LSWS

    I am planning to use AWS for hosting and cyberpanle with just OLS yet not sure. the site will be E commerce use woocommerce on wordpress. and lots of user who are going to have forum and posts. some kind of marketplace. as we see that Cyber Panel has free OLS and in some articles showing the...