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  1. Destroyfx

    [BUG] Server crash and don't want to start

    Hi, Just to let you know that with Openlitespeed 1.4.09-10-11, You can crash the server and prevent it to reload, start, until you go manually edit/delete some config files.. To reproduce : - Add a virtualhost, fill the initial vhost window you get, create config file like requested, save. -...
  2. Destroyfx

    [BUG] Server send wrong Certificate 1.4.11

    Hi, I have a problem with the certificates for ssl with openlitespeed 1.4.11. They work except my last virtualhost. I have, to a "korinar" virtualhost and it return the proper certificate. -ok- I have to a "stat" virtualhost and...
  3. Destroyfx

    [BUG] Can't create new vhost since V1.4.10

    Hi. I wanted to create a new virtual host today. I did not create one since 1.4.8 (I think). and here what I got. I click on Virtualhost I click on Add I put the vhost name, location, and the usual file name for config : $SERVER_ROOT/conf/vhosts/$VH_NAME/vhconf.conf I click save. It tell me...
  4. Destroyfx

    php PCRE fail silently

    Hi, I'm using the 1.4.8 Version and I got a small issue with php 5.4.41: The PCRE stuff do not work, like preg_match() for exemple, they return an array of nothing. I confirmed that it's not my code as available tldextract.php (easy to find on google) return an array of nothing too...