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    How do I change PHP CLI version?

    I am running OLS with CyberPanel. My question is related to OLS, so I am hoping someone here can assist. I am running into issues when use PHP CLI (PHP on the command line). I have install a website application that needs at least PHP 7.3 (I've got it on 7.4). It is a Composer project. I need...
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    Do I need separate cache folder for each site? How does the caching work?

    Hello, I've installed OLS (v1.6.14) and CyberPanel. I am trying to get my head around how the LS caching works. I've managed to figure out that the cache files are stored in `/usr/local/lsws/cachedata/`. This folder is not writable to the hosts. It appears all websites on the server store...
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    How to by-pass local domain to IP resolution?

    I am migration a site to my OLS server. The NS records still point the domain to the old server IP. I use my local hosts file to access the new site on the OLS server IP whilst I am setting it up. I have run into an issue though. It would appear the new OLS server automatically resolves the...
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    How to redirect a subdomain to specific port?

    I would like to redirect to (for example). On cpanel hosting these redirects are set up automatically for things like,, etc. I gather that's being achieved in the vhost config files (as opposed to using...
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    Hosting multiple Wordpress sites using ols1clk script.

    Hi folks, I've just recently discovered OpenLiteSpeed. I've previously been setting up and using Nginx based stacks for hosting Wordpress on cloud servers, using scripts like WordOps and EasyEngine to handle the server deployment/configuration. OLS was highly recommended, so I am keen to try it...