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  1. ronaldst

    SSL error for www -version of domain

    I have problems with SSL I can't seem to figure out. The www-versioin of my domain returns a SSL error. In the configuration of my virtual host I've set "Domain Name" to, and added as "Domain Alias". The listener is configured to listen to "". When I open...
  2. ronaldst

    Google Search Console - HTTPS Failure

    I run a website on OLS and recently Google Search Console is reporting HTTPS failure. I have installed SSL and all content is running on HTTPS. I have also redirected all HTTP traffic to HTTPS to be sure noone browse the website without encryption. Have anyone else experienced this and able to...
  3. ronaldst

    Rapid 404/301 access.log errors when LSCache for WordPress is enabled

    I run OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.17 on CentOS 7 + LSPHP 7.4. I recently noticed that enabling the LiteSpeed Cache -plugin on my WordPress site is cusing a very high load on the server. Further investigations I find a rapid growing access.log with these types of errors: "IP.IP.IP.IP - -...
  4. ronaldst

    Module:Cache vary request header "Origin" not defined

    I got a few WordPress -sites running on a VPS with CentOS 8 + OLS. After a closer look on my logfiles I noticed multiple entries similar to this: 2020-06-05 21:07:44.873828 [WARN] [] [Module:Cache] vary request header "Origin" not defined! I am using the...
  5. ronaldst

    Empty error logs for virtual host

    I'm having some problems understanding why my virtual host error logs are empty. [user@server]# /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd -v LiteSpeed/1.6.1 Open module versions: modgzip 1.1 cache 1.61 modinspector 1.1 uploadprogress LSIAPI_VERSION_STRING...
  6. ronaldst

    Protect against wp-login attacks

    Im investigating a issue where a few websites I run on OLS is being targeted by wp-login attacks. While doing some research how to best handle this I read that LiteSpeed got native WordPress protection. Are there any similar solution available to OLS? Is this something OLS reCaptcha would...
  7. ronaldst

    Proper procedure/configuration of OLS as proxy

    I have recently moved from Apache to OLS and am trying to learn as much as possible. Recently I've stumbled upon a issue using OLS as proxy infront of netdata - a localhost webserver running on port 19999. I would ultimately like to access netdata from From what I could...
  8. ronaldst

    Is it possible to install OLS 1.5.4 from yum repositories

    I'm currently running OLS 1.4.9 on CentOS7 (installed from the litespeed repositories). Is it possible to install or preferably upgrade to 1.5.4 from the repositories?
  9. ronaldst

    OLS + CentOS 7.5 gives persistent 404 error on new virtual host

    I've been scratching my head a while trying to set up OLS on Centos 7. I've installed Centos + OLS 1.4.44. I ran simply did a 'systemctl start lsws' + 'systemctl enable lsws' after installation, and I've established that: - The admin interface is working ( - The virual...