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  1. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.9 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.9 In this release: Security updates and bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Security] Sanitize external application commands and user/group configurations. ( [Security] Do not allow setuid in external applications by...
  2. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.20 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.20 In this release: Security updates and bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Security] Sanitize external application commands and user/group configurations. ( [Security] Do not allow setuid in external applications...
  3. lsfoo module disappeared :(

    Hi @Sasni As of OLS 1.5.10, the cache module is integrated into the server core. is not needed any longer, so it was removed.
  4. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.51 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.51 In this release: Core, cache module and mod_security-ls module updates, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: Core -------- [New Feature] Added support for 'LS_STDERR_LOG' environment variable to set up the stderr log file for started processes. [Update] lsphp 73...
  5. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.6 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.6 In this release: major new feature added. RELEASE LOG: Core -------- [Major new Feature] Keep PHP workers running through server restarts with detached mode. (More info:
  6. lsfoo

    Never mind, it was the firewall!

    I approved it so that hopefully you won't need approval next time :)
  7. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.4 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.4 In this release: added support for HTTP response code 413, updated script, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Added support for HTTP response code 413: response is larger than defined max dynamic response length. [Improvement] Updated...
  8. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    Yes, we will get to it. I am not sure when, but it should be in the next version.
  9. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    My apologies, I think I see the problem - it looks like the code where reCAPTCHA rewrites are processed is missing. I will get this looked at, this is definitely a bug. Apologies for the inconvenience - thank you for the report.
  10. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    Thank you. It looks like there may be something wrong with handling the RewriteCond result. If you remove the condition and just keep the RewriteRule, will it redirect to reCAPTCHA?
  11. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    Apologies for the late reply. To clarify, these are two ways to toggle reCAPTCHA. The regConnLimit and sslConnLimit check the number of concurrent visitors to each VHost on a single worker process. Upon crossing the threshold, new visitors should redirect to reCAPTCHA. The rewrite rule is a...
  12. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    Could you set debug log to DEBUG and level to 10/high and check the debug log for anything related to reCAPTCHA?
  13. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    It is listed in the second snippet you pasted above, under
  14. lsfoo

    recaptcha dont work

    Ultrasparc, If you set the reg conn limit and ssl conn limit both to 1, then restart the server, will it work? Kevin
  15. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.36 Now Available

    Hallo! OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.36 was released yesterday. In this release: Various updates and a fix for an HTTP/2 server push bug. Full release log: Server Core [Update] Updated WebAdmin PHP to a newer version. [Update] Updated SSL to enable ECDHE with X25519 curve. [Update] Updated...
  16. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.5.0 RC2 Now Available!

    Greetings! OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.0 RC2 was released today. This is our first announced release candidate of version 1.5. There are significant changes to the server core, so please be aware that there may be some strange behavior when trying out this version. Highlights of 1.5 include: Module...
  17. lsfoo


    Nice work! Looks good!
  18. lsfoo

    Terminated with signal 11 - OCSP Stapling

    Hi Michael, Glad to hear that it works! Let us know if you run into any more issues! Kevin
  19. lsfoo

    Terminated with signal 11 - OCSP Stapling

    Hi @Nichael Ibanes If you compiled from source, the bug is located in src/util/httpfetch.cpp ~ line 221: AdnsReq *pReq; Should become AdnsReq *pReq = NULL; Cheers, Kevin
  20. lsfoo

    phpmyadmin php7 openlitespeed?

    Hah, sometimes, it's the small things. Always good to know some silly steps that were forgotten, because it may help other users. Cheers, Kevin