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  1. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.9 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.9 In this release: Security updates and bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Security] Sanitize external application commands and user/group configurations. ( [Security] Do not allow setuid in external applications by...
  2. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.20 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.20 In this release: Security updates and bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Security] Sanitize external application commands and user/group configurations. ( [Security] Do not allow setuid in external applications...
  3. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.51 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.51 In this release: Core, cache module and mod_security-ls module updates, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: Core -------- [New Feature] Added support for 'LS_STDERR_LOG' environment variable to set up the stderr log file for started processes. [Update] lsphp 73...
  4. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.6 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.6 In this release: major new feature added. RELEASE LOG: Core -------- [Major new Feature] Keep PHP workers running through server restarts with detached mode. (More info:
  5. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.4 Now Available

    Announcing: OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.4 In this release: added support for HTTP response code 413, updated script, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Added support for HTTP response code 413: response is larger than defined max dynamic response length. [Improvement] Updated...
  6. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.36 Now Available

    Hallo! OpenLiteSpeed v1.4.36 was released yesterday. In this release: Various updates and a fix for an HTTP/2 server push bug. Full release log: Server Core [Update] Updated WebAdmin PHP to a newer version. [Update] Updated SSL to enable ECDHE with X25519 curve. [Update] Updated...
  7. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.5.0 RC2 Now Available!

    Greetings! OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.0 RC2 was released today. This is our first announced release candidate of version 1.5. There are significant changes to the server core, so please be aware that there may be some strange behavior when trying out this version. Highlights of 1.5 include: Module...
  8. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed Version 1.4.26 is now released! Now supports BoringSSL and TLS 1.3!

    Hi Everyone, We're happy to announce the release of OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.26. With 1.4.26, OLS now supports using BoringSSL and TLS 1.3, so for anyone looking to push the envelope with web technologies, try these out and let us know what you think! Also involved in this release are several bug...
  9. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed Version 1.4.25 is now released! Now supports HTTP/2 Server Push!

    Hi Everyone, In this exciting release of OpenLiteSpeed, we have several bug fixes as well as a few updates. Most notably, OLS works with HTTP/2 Server Push, so check it out! In addition to server push, the default values of the cache module were modified to better suit use with our cache...
  10. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed Version 1.4.24, ols1clk 1.6 and LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress are now

    Hi Everyone, This version of OLS includes bug fixes and improved compatibility with the cache plugin. Additions include adding an addETag parameter for the cache module, support for multiple purge headers, and an ability to cache status codes other than 200. Some bug fixes include correctly...
  11. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.20 Released! What HTTPoxy Vulnerability?

    Hi Everyone, Today's OpenLiteSpeed release is an important one. v1.4.20 will automatically block any HTTPOXY attacks without any configuration changes. In addition to this fix, the compiler (Mac OS excluded) was updated to statically link the latest openssl libraries from the source code. This...
  12. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.19 Released! Improved compatibility with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress!

    Hi Everyone, OpenLiteSpeed version 1.4.19 is now released! This release is geared towards bug fixes in the PageSpeed module and the integration with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress. With this update, there should be improved compatibility with the various WP cache actions in the plugin. You can...
  13. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.18 Released! Bug Fixes Galore!

    Hi Everyone, OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.18 is now released! This release features bug fixes in the server core (including SPDY and HTTP/2), the PageSpeed module, and the Cache Module. In addition, there is some new api available for modules related to the callback queue. You can find the updated...
  14. lsfoo

    ols1clk version 1.2 released!

    Hi Everyone, This version fixes a bug that occurs when trying to install multiple times despite success. The bug occurred when installing multiple times without changing the parameters. The script may save the incorrect password to the wp-config.php file if creating a new user failed. The...
  15. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed now supports the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress!

    The new OpenLiteSpeed (re)release is now capable of using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress. The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress replaces any other caching solutions like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Hyper Cache, etc. and uses the OLS cache module to do the caching. Since the...
  16. lsfoo

    Announcing the release of ols1clk!

    We are proud to announce the release of ols1clk, a one click script to install OpenLiteSpeed with its default settings. In addition to OLS, the script can install WordPress for you. For a full list of the available options, check out our GitHub repo:
  17. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.17 Released! Bug Fixes, Optimizations, and Updates, Oh my!

    Hi Everyone, Open LiteSpeed version 1.4.17 is now released! In this release, we have a couple new features: The Web Admin will now display a notice when there is an OLS update available. The mod inspector module is now available. This module is used to scan uploaded files. In addition to the...
  18. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.16 Released! Another Bug Bites the Dust!

    Hi Everyone, OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.16 is now released. In this update, we have many fixes for bugs found by the community as well as internally. Some specific issues that were addressed: - The cache module was not properly reading context level settings. - Some users reported receiving 400 errors...
  19. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.15 Released! Battle Tested!

    Hi All, In this release, there were mostly bug fixes (listed here). In addition to the bug fixes, our pagespeed module now works with our cache module. The cache module was also updated in this version. If you use the cache module, please check your response headers and the error log to...
  20. lsfoo

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.14 Released! Now Stable-er!

    Hi Everyone, Open LiteSpeed 1.4.14 is now released! This release fixed some user reported bugs as well as bugs that we found internally. The list of bugs can be found here. Cheers, Kevin