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  1. muncherelli

    ETA on Debian 11 (Bullseye) support?

    I spy with my little Bullseye: :love:
  2. muncherelli

    Per Client Throttling doesn't work with Cloudflare?

    I'm assume you are setting the trusted IP ranges for CloudFlare as mentioned here. I wonder if setting trusted IP ranges is bypassing throttling options? Especially since its working for you when bypassing CloudFlare and going straight to your host. Also, @raselmx- this is the OpenLiteSpeed...
  3. muncherelli

    Unable to build in arm64

    I believe admin_php is just a php binary executable compiled on x86 with a basic set of options. You can run ./admin_php -i to view the required configure options. Then you should probably be able to build one for ARM using these instructions to get you going. Here's my output of ./admin_php...
  4. muncherelli

    ETA on Debian 11 (Bullseye) support?

    Also requesting Debian 11 (Bullseye) support in repo. Many improvements. Much good.
  5. muncherelli

    Unable to build in arm64

    Thanks for finding that library, @Puliyo. I was in the process of nailing down the problem myself when you posted on GitHub.
  6. muncherelli

    Install OLS as Non-Root User

    I understand the build process has become fairly more complex on newer OLS builds- since now we have ./ for automated dependency installation on a normal root-based install. As of 1.7.14, is it still possible to install and run OLS as a non-root user? My use case is for running OLS...