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  1. jodumont

    how to disable to certbot generator at login ?

    I uninstalled certbot because I use Cloudflare with the Origin Certificates as SSL. but the certbot script try to generate an SSL at every login how/where is this script I can't find it anywhere ?
  2. jodumont

    how to make Ghost CMS faster ?

    Hi; NOTE: Today, I'll install Ghost on NGINX on top of the same config to compare but Ghost claim to be 6 time faster than WordPress and OLS claim to make Ghost 4 times faster than NGINX. While on the same machine with WordPress; GTMetrix tell me the website answer under a 1sec. So I was...
  3. jodumont

    Static Website and OpenLiteSpeed how to use LS-Cache ?

    Hi; I would like to know if anybody use OpenLiteSpeed to serve static website such as Hugo/NextJs/Gatsby and if they compared the performance with Apache/NGINX is it faster ? Also; does someones knows how we could/should engage the LS-Cache or it would be preferable to simply make a ram drive...
  4. jodumont

    Does OpenLiteSpeed have status module and how to activate and access it ?

    hi; I try to understand how and where to do a a2enmod for OpenLiteSpeed so I could monitor it with LongView