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  1. getphuture

    Setting up Rapid SSL certificates

    I bought a ssl certificate on Rapid SSL and I followed the guide like 'ngnix' server which means I bundled my server certificate (from my mail / account 'Web Server CERTIFICATE' ) and the intermediate certificate ( from my mail / account 'INTERMEDIATE CA CERTIFICATE' ) into a .pem file. I set as...
  2. getphuture

    Redirect http to https

    Good day everyone, I'm looking for a way to redirect all my traffic from http to https. How do you do it please ? I'm stuck :confused:
  3. getphuture

    Folder users / permissions

    Good day all, On centos 6 I installed some CMS. For some specific actions, it looks like "apache" or "nobody" permissions are required. How do you set them up properly ? I get ride of my 0777 but is there some tutorials or best practices to follow ? Should I make use of lsadm ? Here is my...
  4. getphuture

    Rewrite: RewriteRule for subfolder without RewriteBase

    Good day all, I've just installed OpenLiteSpeed and it seems to work fine :-) My current issue is with the redirection rules. Installing Wordpress or Jumla or any CMS mostly requires to add Rewrite rules in the admin panel. I haven't figured out how to modify it to make it work for subfolders...