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  1. Ivan Rojas

    Security & Firewall (csf)

    Hi, I'm a user of WHM/cPanel for years but I starting to love OLS, however, i have just been hacked in less than a week, anyway, it happens, however, in whm I used to use CSF and I was reading and i see there is...
  2. Ivan Rojas

    Paid Support

    Hi, I know im supposed to post my problem here so others can benefit from that, however, Im in a hurry, so, i need a freelancer who can help me fix a couple of issues im facing for multiple domains, this is my website (in spanish) and my whatsapp is in the chat button corner...
  3. Ivan Rojas

    PHPmyAdmin - file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP

    Hi, First of all i need to say that i like OLS, im new, im coming from WHM Centos, this is my first experiment with wordpress/centos 7 because im looking for speed for low traffic websites. I did the installation of OLS via "one click", everything works fine with a wordpress pre installed...