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  1. Seyed Ali Roshan

    tmp tasks of lsphp which installed by ols, take to much cpu

    hello, the tasks which lsphp (v 5.6.33) creates in /tmp with name of php + random-hash, take too much CPU of my server. they also have a long uptime, for example, 16h (and still remains until I kill them). when I kill one of them, the others will be gone too and cpu usage falls down to normal. I...
  2. Seyed Ali Roshan

    WAC login just refrash

    Hello, it's been a while, but I'm using this ws again and this time for the company I'm working in. so I installed it on a Debian 8 and define it as a systemd service (run by root group and owner). it came up successfully (after install) but after configuring and rebooting VPS, it still comes...
  3. Seyed Ali Roshan

    problem with admin GUI (error 503 {Service Unavailable})

    hi every one, Im back :) if you see the new ability of windows 10 (build 14393), you have found out that ubuntu trusty bash is added to windows. :D:D:D. so I tried install ols on it and it was installed and works well!!!!!!!!!! but I can't go to admin GUI and get the error 503 Why? please help...
  4. Seyed Ali Roshan

    how to solve...

    hi, i think my pagespeed mode is not working and when i checked the log files i saw these: 2016-02-12 05:52:44.364 WARN [modpagespeed] "on" cannot be set at this scope. 2016-02-12 05:52:44.364 WARN [modpagespeed] "FileCachePath" cannot be set at this scope. 2016-02-12 05:52:44.364 WARN...
  5. Seyed Ali Roshan

    problem with make a password for a folder

    hi, maybe my question be repeated and im srry for that. i want to put a password on a folder. i make a realm and use the following docs: and every link in this post...
  6. Seyed Ali Roshan

    problem with memcache and Xcache

    hi all, in this case, when i wanted to compile php 7.0.3 and put the checkpoint on memcache and Xcache i got error: for memcache: in the 3 step (can't download and extact it) for Xcache: in compile section i think it's because of php 7.0.3
  7. Seyed Ali Roshan

    install php-fpm with php 7.0.3 in ols

    hi all again, i know i have asked many question :D and i'm srry but in this case how can i do the title? -----update----- i installed php 7.0.3 on ols and in configure section i wrote --enable-fpm so now what ?
  8. Seyed Ali Roshan

    problem with configuring varnish

    hi all, i installed olsws and it works on 8088 (in listeners) i installed varnish and config these file: /etc/varnish/default.vcl : put in backend : .host = "my_server_ip" .port = "8088" ----------------------- /etc/sysconfig/varnish put VARNISH_LISTENER_PORT=8088 put now when i open on port 80...
  9. Seyed Ali Roshan

    how can hide .php suffix

    hi i want to see /example instead of /example.php i done it by .htaccess before but now when i am using that rules , it dosent work :( how can i do it?