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    Start openlitespeed 1.4 on system boot ?

    Hello, I'm new to CentOS 7 's systemd, I'm trying to produce a perfect systemd service file for openlitespeed 1.4.11. As Openlitespeed doenst' add a service file on installation I'm trying to make my own. So far I have created : [Unit] Description=openlitespeed web server [Service]...
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    A non deamon mode for using openlitespeed in LXC Docker containers

    Hello, Unless I'm mistaken, Openlitespeed is one of the only opensource webserver's that can't be run the the foreground, a requirement for running it in Docker LXC Containers. Apache can be run with -DFOREGROUND, nginix has a daemon off mode, lighttpd can be run with -D to run in foreground...
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    Openlitespeed in docker container ?

    Hello, I'm learning Docker at the moment, and am looking into getting litespeed working inside a docker container. Adapting litespeed install from an nginx example, I need to run openlitespeed in the foreground and not like a deamon...