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    Openlite speed 1.7.14 bug with uwsgi sockets via proxy

    There is a serious issue with openlitespeed using as a extprocess with proxy protocol over unix domain socket. The extprocessor proxy mode send the the packets as http protocol instead of uwsgi , which may result in 500 error on a shared application environment with nginx , apache or...
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    OLs version 1.7.14 lscache not working

    Hi, The lscache module is not working with version 1.7.14 . I tested on ubuntu server and a directadmin server. It is simply not showing the headers # bin/openlitespeed -v LiteSpeed/1.7.14 Open module versions: modgzip 1.1 cache 1.62 modinspector 1.1 uploadprogress 1.1...
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    Looking for Alternative to Proxy pass or a websocket solution

    What is the alternative of the following apache configuration in OLS ProxyPass "unix:/var/lib/myapp-web.sock|uwsgi://localhost/myapp/" I tried the websocket method , it only rerun 404 websocket /myapp/ { allowBrowse 1 address...
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    Alias context as another user

    Is it possible to run a context ad another suexec user than the vhost user ? I have vhost user and group as foo and foo respectively. I have a context /webmail/ and I need to run the scripts under this context as another user. Please suggest the possible solutions ?
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    Understanding hotlinkCtrl in OpenLitespeed

    Hi, I used the feature of ols to setup the hotlink protection as follows, hotlinkCtrl { allowedHosts enableHotlinkCtrl 1 suffixes jpeg, jpg, png, gif, svg, tiff, bmp, webp, bpg, css, ico, js, woff, woff2, ttf, ttc, otf, eot...
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    Adding custom lsapi php handler with proper mime support

    HI, I have the following php handler setup with a custom name "my-apps" extProcessor my-apps{ type lsapi address uds://run/openlitespeed/lsphp-my-apps.sock path /usr/local/php/bin/lsphp autoStart...
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    OpenLS version 1.7.14 pagespeed module is not loading

    HI, I am testing ols version 1,7.4 pre compiled package It comes with modpagespeed . But is it not loaded. # /usr/local/lsws/bin/openlitespeed -v LiteSpeed/1.7.14 Open module versions: modgzip 1.1 cache 1.62 modinspector 1.1 uploadprogress 1.1 mod_security 1.4...
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    Openlitespeed changing configuration permission to executable during first startup

    HI, I am working with OLS 1.7.14 on a custom project. I packed it for ubuntu server. During the service start the ols is changing the permission on httpd_config.conf and all sub configurations into executable . First I though it was my sever problem, so i installed the ols on a directadmin...
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    Using include directive in configuration with wildcard or rejex includes

    HI, I am looking a way to include custom configuration in httpd_config.conf . It looks like to working as expected The following is not working . include /usr/local/lsws/conf/myconf.d/*.conf Aim is to include all configurations under the folder /usr/local/lsws/conf/myconf.d/ The...
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    SPF validation failed on your server also subscriptions go to spam

    To whom so ever it may concerns When new member subscribe to this forum, the subscription confirmation email is failing with the following error 1) SPF validation failure or 2021-11-18 03:52:35 []...
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    SSL Certificate with Multiple domain

    Hi, I am working on a Openlitespeed project now. It include automation and customization of vhost settings without using the admin panel of ols. I setup a default vhost, with ssl, ipv4 and ipv6 everything works. When I add a second vhost with ssl, the ssl certificate of the first domain is...