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    Memory limit for OpenLitespeed

    @binaryreporter and @papa-zulu , did either of you figure out a solution to this? I'm also seen MySQL memory usage creep up and up, until it maxes out the 4GB available on the server. Looking for solutions.
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    Issue with Memcached connection failed (LiteSpeed Cache on Wordpress)

    UPDATE I had previous tried using `/var/www/memcached.sock` in the host setting, multiple times, but it made no difference. However, I tried again just now, and it still didn't help. But then I stopped and then started the memcached server (as part of something else I was trying out for fixing...
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    Issue with Memcached connection failed (LiteSpeed Cache on Wordpress)

    I should add, that what got me looking into this was a lot of instances of the following warning in the OLS error logs. I am not sure it's related, but suspect it is. Your thoughts? ``` [STDERR] objectcache.critical: Failed to locate and load object cache API. ```
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    Issue with Memcached connection failed (LiteSpeed Cache on Wordpress)

    Hi folks, I installed the OLS Wordpress Image as found on Microsoft Azure platform. I recently migrated a Wordpress site from another server, which also had LiteSpeed Cache plug-in on it. I see that on the new server Memcached is not connection. Has "Connection Failed" error in the LiteSpeed...
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    Question re using wp-cli (on OLS image installation)

    Actually … I've now realised the `ALTERNATE_WP_CRON` related error has nothing to do with wp-cli issues. It's something odd with the website in question. Looking into that. As for the objectcache.critical error, that's likely related to the site too. So will look into that elsewhere. So all...
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    Question re using wp-cli (on OLS image installation)

    Hi there, I'm trying to use wp-cli on an recent OLS image installation. It seems to be having permissions issues, and possibly a PHP issue. NOTE: I am not able to search for "wp-cli" on the forums, and the forum is breaking that up into "wp" and "cli" and then telling me these terms are too...
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    How can I change "html" folder name?

    I have installed OLS with Wordpress using the prebuilt image on Azure. I need to install another Wordpress instance. I'll follow the instructions found here ( I'd like to change the existing "html"...
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    Can I upgrade Ubuntu to 20.04 (with OLS prebuilt image)

    Hi there, We have an instance of OLS on Azure. It was installed with the prebuilt OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress image. My client deployed it, and I gather Ubuntu 18.04 was included in the image, or he selected Ubuntu 18.04.03 (I don't know if it was optional, or from the image). Is it okay to upgrade...
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    Is there a way to make webadmin use domain's SSL?

    Hi there, When accessing the webadmin, either with IP address or site domain name, I get a ERR_CERT_INVALID error from Chrome. It doesn't let the user proceed, except by using the `thisisunsafe` command you can use on Chrome for by-passing SSL warnings. I'd rather my client (who will take over...
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    I can not login to Litespeed web admin console

    Hi @Cold-Egg , Where does one set up a domain for the web admin panel?
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    Upgrading PHP from 7.3.22-1+focal to 7.4

    Actually … I've since discovered simply following the full instructions on the above-mention post/article does the trick. Thanks.
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    Upgrading PHP from 7.3.22-1+focal to 7.4

    Hi there, I am trying this nearly two years after you wrote this. I see that "Command" now has this value in it: `fcgi-bin/lsphpnew` What should I change that too?
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    503 error + [lsphp]: Failed to listen socket [/tmp/lshttpd/lsphp.sock]: No space left on device

    Hi there, My server is also having the issue outlined by OP. This solution posted by @iky isn't making total sense to me. There are four bash command, and a seemingly unrelated crontab entry. What's the relationship between the two? Are you saying, first run those bash commands (and I presume...
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    Monit Configuration Example

    Hi ftsor, As far as I know, the following will keep an eye on MySQL (mariadb, in our case): # check mariadb check host mymariadb with address if failed ping then alert if failed port 3306 protocol mysql then alert
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    Monit Configuration Example

    Hi TexasGreg, Do you have any other OLS relevant Monit config you can share? I'd like to ensure I've got all bases covered re Monit and OLS but have found very little info on this.
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    How do I change PHP CLI version?

    I am running OLS with CyberPanel. My question is related to OLS, so I am hoping someone here can assist. I am running into issues when use PHP CLI (PHP on the command line). I have install a website application that needs at least PHP 7.3 (I've got it on 7.4). It is a Composer project. I need...
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    Do I need separate cache folder for each site? How does the caching work?

    Hello, I've installed OLS (v1.6.14) and CyberPanel. I am trying to get my head around how the LS caching works. I've managed to figure out that the cache files are stored in `/usr/local/lsws/cachedata/`. This folder is not writable to the hosts. It appears all websites on the server store...
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    How to by-pass local domain to IP resolution?

    Okay. Seems it just required some time to take effect. Not sure why. I even tried clearing the DNS cache on the Ubuntu server. But... some times later (I only rechecked a few hours later) the domain is now resolving to the IP in the hosts file. Can anyone explain how long the delay is, and how...
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    How to by-pass local domain to IP resolution?

    I am migration a site to my OLS server. The NS records still point the domain to the old server IP. I use my local hosts file to access the new site on the OLS server IP whilst I am setting it up. I have run into an issue though. It would appear the new OLS server automatically resolves the...