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  1. remics

    How could I know what is causing it?

    How could I know what is causing it? private_html/index.phpo_avoid_overwrite_important_env I am using PHP 7.4.26 + Litespeed Cache Plugin
  2. remics

    How to block access to xmlrpc.php for ALL USERS using OpenLitespeed ?

    How to block access to xmlrpc.php file? | OpenLiteSpeed Community and News How I could generate a virtual host to apply this setting for ALL USERS?
  3. remics

    How can I enable HTTP/3 ?

    Hello! Port 443 is open in my firewall but HTTP/3 with QUIC doesn't work. site: I'm using to test. Openlitespeed version: LiteSpeed/1.7.3 Open module versions: modgzip 1.1 cache 1.62 modinspector 1.1...
  4. remics

    "Global" htaccess

    I want to apply the tip of this post to block all requests to WordPress XMLRPC. Is there any "global htaccess" file that I could save the rules there and apply to all sites?
  5. remics

    Block access to all php files

    How I can block direct access to all php files in currently folder using .htaccess ? I tried the code below, but doesn't works: <FilesMatch "\.(php)$"> deny from all </FilesMatch>
  6. remics

    How to block access to a PHP script using .htaccess

    I tried using the code below that I found on the internet, but it didn't work. <Files base.php> Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from </Files>
  7. remics

    Capture the clear cache in the "litespeed cache" event

    Hello! I am a developer and one vital thing to keep my application working would be to somehow "intercept" when a request is made to clear the Litespeed Cache cache via the litespeed cache plugin. I don't want to develop a wordpress plugin for this but a server side solution. I have the...
  8. remics

    Directory listening on OpenLitespeed

    How I can enable Directory listening to a specific domain using OpenLitesped ?
  9. remics

    Many LSPHP processes - DirectAdmin

    I have problems using OpenLitespeed with directadmin. I have followed the steps of this tutorial, but many lsphp processes are being created and this is wiping out my server's memory by taking it offline. How do I solve this? I noticed that when I...