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    Openlitespeed does not build on the new version of Alpine Linux 3.15.0

    The new version of alpine linux uses openssl 1.1.1 Because of this, an error occurs during assembly. You can't downgrade the opensl version. It is part of the system applications. What steps can be taken to solve the problem? Is it possible to completely disable sslscan to avoid problems with...
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    Openlightspeed adminpanel on php8

    There are many artifacts left in the admin folder from previous versions of php. I suggest starting to fix the expired code little by little. For example: fixes for php8:
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    Build Openlitespeed on Alpine Linux

    After all the experiments, I accidentally found a 8585 kb openlitespeed file in the admin/fcgi-bin folder. Where he came from there is unknown. I changed the file /usr/local/lsws/bin/openlitespeed to it. Everything works! Cold-Egg, thanks for your support!
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    Build Openlitespeed on Alpine Linux

    How to use strip openlitespeed ? So far, good results have been obtained by replacing the string cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=$BUILD .. with cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .. Instead of 45 megabytes, the binary file turned out to be 24 megabytes.
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    Build Openlitespeed on Alpine Linux

    Thank you for the clarification! Can you tell me how you can disable unnecessary modules and debugging during compilation? Something like this? ./ --with-brotli=no --enable-recaptcha=no or I need to edit file configure?
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    Build Openlitespeed on Alpine Linux

    Good day, friends! Since version 1.7.4 Openlitespeed supports Alpine Linux. But if version 1.7.12 was built from sources with a binary file /usr/local/lsws/bin/openlitespeed size of 26 megabytes, then version 1.7.14 is built with a binary file of 45 megabytes! Moreover, on centos and debian...