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  1. harrycrb

    [HELP] Where is php.ini in OLS

    My siystem: ubuntu 16.004 OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.5 Lsphp7.3 Can anyone tell me, where is php.ini? I try to modify some settings to my server. root@myserver:~# find /usr/local/lsws/ -name "php.ini" /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/php.ini /usr/local/lsws/admin/conf/php.ini when I change some value on...
  2. harrycrb

    [HELP] the website doesn't open, instead, it downloads the index.php file

    My system: - Ubuntu 16.04 - Openlitespeed 1.5.10 - Php 7.0 - 5 wordpress website I want to upgrade php to 7.3 After successfully upgrade php, then I create an external app in server configuration then create script handler I deleted default php 7.0 in external app server configuration...
  3. harrycrb

    [ASK] Domain Point To Example

    First of all, i want to apologize because of my English not good enough. Case: I'm new openlitespeed users. Using Ubuntu 18.04 fresh vps install. I was successfully install openlitespeed, php72, and MariaDB and get welcome screen from my domain; I realize that my domain...