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  1. lskagan

    Unable to set gid=xxx or uid=xxx: calling tls_validate_require_cipher

    We just released a build 2 of 1.6.20 that should address this issue. Can you please upgrade to the latest build and see if the issue is gone.
  2. lskagan

    Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault

    Are you able to email the core file to ?
  3. lskagan

    Installing LSPHP 7.1 to latest OLS

    Ubuntu 20.04 does not support LSPHP71. If you need to use lsphp71 I'd recommend either updating your scripts or switching your distro to Ubuntu 18/CentOS 7. PHP71 in general is EOL and not receiving any security updates and using it is a security hazard and not recommended.
  4. lskagan

    lsphp80-gd deb

    JSON and GD are both included in the base packages now, they will not be separate. Some extensions have not been fully updated for PHP 8 and will be released as they become stable.
  5. lskagan

    /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf is missing.

    Hi, sorry for the delay I have been trying to reproduce the issue without luck. Can you try installing OLS via the binary install method here: See if it works that way.
  6. lskagan

    /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf is missing.

    Hi, Can you please try running the following commands: dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq openlitespeed apt remove lsphp73 lsphp73-common lsphp73-imap lsphp73-json lsphp73-mysql lsphp73-opcache lsphp74 lsphp74-common lsphp74-imap lsphp74-json lsphp74-mysql lsphp74-opcache apt autoremove...
  7. lskagan

    /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf is missing.

    What is the out put of the following commands: dpkg -l | grep 'openlitespeed' and also dpkg -l | grep 'lsphp' Also what OS are you running? From the logs it shows Xenial Ubuntu 16 but you mentioned Ubuntu 18 earlier.
  8. lskagan

    lsphp74-gd missing on Debian

    If it is working with only sometimes showing gd_info() is undefined it may be a code issue with whatever calls gd. The output of your command shows gd is enabled and working inside of lsphp74. Do you have any way of reproducing it?
  9. lskagan


    We will take a look at adding an RC release before stable comes out. Can always try compiling it from source.
  10. lskagan

    PECL extension request: Mailparse

    We currently do not have plans to add mailparse as a package but that could change in the future if there is more demand. You can follow this guide to install it manually to work with LSPHP
  11. lskagan

    Can't upgrade OpenLiteSpeed

    Do you have any hosts entries for The IP you that it is resolving to on your server is not one of our servers. What is output of `iptables -L -t nat` and `ifconfig`
  12. lskagan


    The fix is included the latest builds of 72, 73, and 74 from
  13. lskagan


    New packages have been pushed to the repo that will address this issue.
  14. lskagan


    Sorry for the delay in this, this should be fixed later today.
  15. lskagan

    LSPHP 7.4 and Ubuntu 20.04

    The repo for 7.4 was released a couple weeks ago. You can run script to setup the repo on your server.
  16. lskagan

    OLS update on CentOS 8

    Hello Chris, Starting with 1.6 we use the LSPHP73 for the webadmin, your site will still use LSPHP74.
  17. lskagan

    php7.2-common and php7.2-readline listed for installation for all PHP 7.x versions

    Those are a dependency of a dependency by the operating system. We have no control over that. You will still get LSPHP74 installed.
  18. lskagan

    [HELP] the website doesn't open, instead, it downloads the index.php file

    What is output of the following commands: ls -la /usr/local/lsws dpkg -l | grep 'lsphp'
  19. lskagan

    [HELP] Where is php.ini in OLS

    If you create a PHP Info page it should tell you: Configuration File (php.ini) Path