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    NodeJS Modules-path

    This can be deleted
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    ACL and OpenLiteSpeed

    Hello, I have a small issue... I am trying to work with ownerships and permissions. And i have set my user "dev" and group "dev" as owner of everything in "public" (exposed document root) folder. However, this generates a error 500 for me when i browse this page. If i set nobody:nobody as...
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    A redirect to https?

    Hello, I wonder if there is any way to tell the vhost to only use https? And that all http-requests automatically redirects to https. Or do i have to make a new vhost and use it on an HTTP-listener which only serves as a redirect-vhost?
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    OLS and Centos 8

    Is this possible? :)
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    Is Fedora working?

    I am using fedora 28 on my desktop and i really want to start with some simple web-project there. I dont want to use good ol apache, i really like ols. But it doesnt seem to be working with Fedora?
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    Is this normal? (~450 processes)

    # ps aux | grep lsphp | wc -l 457 extprocessor lsphp71 { type lsapi address uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp.sock maxConns 150 env PHP_LSAPI_MAX_REQUESTS=500 env PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=35 initTimeout...
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    GeoIP / geoblock in OLS ?

    Is this possible? :)
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    DocumentRoot outside of /usr/local/lsws

    Hello! I am bringing attention to an old thread ( I cant get this to work! I have a new server with LSWS under /usr/local/lsws, i have a documentroot in /home/user/html, it contains a single...
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    Cant Delete Context row

    Hello, Found a bug where i created a STATIC context to a virtual host. When i found out that it didnt work as expected, i tried to delete it. It wouldnt remove it self. I even restarted the server and tried again. I had to manually go into the vhost-file and remove the section myself. Maybe...
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    Redirect Context adds "index.php" ???

    Hello, I am trying to add a Redirect Context for "" => "", and i have this in my Redirect Context URI : / External: Yes Status code: 301 Dest URI: And, it works, i end up with a redirect, but i land on "", which...
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    Is there any merch, stickers?

    I'm a proud OLS user. Since the beginning of the year i have installed about... 11 OLS webservers. Tbh, they run very well! I have them both in frontend (wordpress) and as a backend API. The support here is awesome! I want to show how proud i am of OLS. So, is there some merch you can...
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    OLS and DokuWiki RewriteRules

    Hello, I am setting up a DokuWiki and ofcourse i am using OLS as webserver for this purpose. I have a problem displaying images with .htaccess RewriteRules. The images are displaying if i am not using pretty Urls or Rewrite at all. Without further testing i assume the other 2 rules are not...
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    I am reading up about php-unit testing and the writer of "Modern PHP" suggests installing php-xdebug, since i am using lsphp70 all the time, how can i work with php-xdebug then? Is it easy for you to add lsphp70-xdebug to repo ? :)
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    Removing headers sent

    Hello! for some reason, there is multiple response headers in my responses. Content-Length: 306189 Content-Length: 306189 Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8 Content-Type: application/octet-stream Is anyone of these sent by OLS, and if so, how do i remove them? :S
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    Aint it possible to use $DOC_ROOT as Server Log?

    I tried to select $DOC_ROOT/logs as directory for my server log, but i couldnt use this... Is it any specific reason? I had to use either $SERVER_ROOT or $VH_ROOT.
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    ExtConn timed out while processing.

    2016-08-15 10:39:01.056 [NOTICE] [] ExtConn timed out while processing. 2016-08-15 10:39:31.099 [NOTICE] [] ExtConn timed out while processing. 2016-08-15 10:39:31.100 [NOTICE] [] ExtConn timed out while processing. 2016-08-15...
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    How's API-support going?

    In our project, we're going to let each operator run on different port and maybe IP aswell. Like, if operator = foo => call localhost:8080 if operator = bar => call localhost:9090 I think this is rather simple for OLS to handle, just adding a virtual host and listener right? But we don't want...
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    OLS and Improving TTFB

    Hello all! I must be nagging with questions, sorry for that! (But i really like this webserver) Don't think i've mentioned, but i am trying to set up a demo-backend REST API (which will later be live-backend) with OLS an PHP 7. It works marvellous! But sometime i get ~100ms on quite "small"...
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    PHP CodeSniffer and OLS ?

    Hello, I am running lsphp70 through yum install on centos 7, and when i want to "yum install phpcs" it wants to download standard php 5.4 lib and exec. And google doesnt seem to know how to combine phpcs and ols . Do you have any ideas? I was reaching for "pear install ..." too, but OLS...
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    Sometimes webrequest takes 3-5 seconds ??

    Hello, I am building an REST API with OLS and PHP, its pretty clean at the moment and very rapid for the most. But sometimes, usually when establishing a connection from a new computer, it takes about 3-5 seconds for the server to respond. I dont know if there's some settings that could help...