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    red on listeners and virual hosts

    Hello. I just noticed that listeners are red and virtual hosts have a broken paper clip icon. Websites load fine and nothing strange is in the log files. Is this something i should take a closer look at or just let it be? thanks
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    can't recover after php error.

    When php error comes up (could be a wp memory limit hit or anything), in any of the websites hosted on the server, openlitespeed reboots. The core file that gets created is empty (0KB). Then it reboots several times and new empty core files are created. After that, I can’t log in any of the...
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    ssl mixed content error

    Hello. I have an issue with one of the websites hosted on openlitespeed. Facebook deactivated my ad account because of an ssl error. I started digging around and found out that there is a mixed content warning in firefox even though there is a black padlock on next to the address. When i check...
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    email and cloudflare

    hello. I use open lite speed ver 1.7.4 with cyberpanel. I have connected an email accound with gmail succesfully. The only thing is that the pop3 server is the same as the domain name. When i tried to connect with i can't get gmail to connect. I have decided to use cloudflare...
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    can't upload files to wordpress after update

    Hello. I have 2 wordpress sites on an openlitespeed server. I updated openlitespeed and cyberpanel and i have the following issue. I can't upload images to wordpress. I get this error message: The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2019/11 I solved it this morning by...
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    upgrade openlitespeed and cyberpanel

    Hello. I want to upgrade openlitespeed from 1.4.48 and cyberpanel from 1.85 to the latest version on a centos live server. Is there a way to upgrade without losing the current configuration? I can't find a way to upgrade from the panel directly. Maybe with "yum upgrade openlitespeed"? thanks
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    unknown vhost

    Hello. I installed openlitespeed recently and i found a vhost today i don't recognize. It is named: example I suppose it is automatically created by openlitespeed upon installation. It is causing some 503 errors. Is it safe to delete this vhost? thanks
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    503 errors

    Hello. I installed openlitespeed with cyberpanel recently. Works great apart from this error: [config:server:vhosts:vhost:Example:context:/protected/] Path for context location is invalid: /usr/local/lsws/Example/html/protected/ I get this error about 6 -8 times a day and openlitespeed...