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  1. olsy

    Axios GET gets error 500, but it's not logged

    I built a custom uptime checker for a website using node and axios and I struggle to figure out why one URL returns 500, while it opens in browser just fine. I also can not find error 500 in the OLS logs.
  2. olsy

    Lost vhost directory after each docker-compose

    I have a basic OLS docker-compose setup, which upon docker-compose up -d loses the admin password and all /usr/local/lsws/* vhost directories I created manually for an external app on the same docker network to which OLS acts as a proxy. What are my options for preserving these folders, to not...
  3. olsy

    Virtual host with stop icon and no way to start it

    Hi, I need some help to get this reverse proxy vhost up and running in front of Elastic Search running in another Docker container. I'm also using WSL2, but that shouldn't matter much, as I've made similar setup work with other servers. I have bound the already present HTTP(80) listener to...