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  1. 18TommyBoy

    Power limiting

    Good day, is there any chance to limit the CPU usage? I have 4 core VPS and when updating XML feeds, the load average from 0.2 is 1.5-2.2. Only 3 sites have, but other 2 will slow too. My config: docRoot $VH_ROOT vhDomain $VH_NAME adminEmails...
  2. 18TommyBoy

    OLS on ARM cpu

    Hi all! Oracle ARM cpu, when install Apache working, when install Nginx working, but I want OLS and never can run: I follow these steps: Ubuntu or Centos try, but never can run. On picture is Ubuntu. Try install in aaPanel, nothing. What is...
  3. 18TommyBoy

    CPU core limitation

    Good day, is there any chance to limit the cpu core usage to 2 core? 1 user use the all 4 core, when I upgraded the VPS to 12 core, all eated... No cgroups on aaPanel. Can limit the core or MHz for 1 website??
  4. 18TommyBoy

    What is procSoftLimit and HardLimit?

    I try Google search but still nothing... No detail information of these. memSoftLimit 1460M memHardLimit 1470M procSoftLimit 400 procHardLimit 450 400 is 4 core full load...
  5. 18TommyBoy

    .htaccess and the All in one security plugin for WP

    Good day, Please help me understand one thing. I read "OpenLiteSpeed currently only supports mod_rewrite rules from Apache, so before making it read the .htaccess files, please convert them to Apache’s mod_rewrite format." I have .htaccess like this, what will be skipped there?: <IfModule...
  6. 18TommyBoy

    Set "Trusted IP only" with config?

    Can I set TRUSTED IP ONLY with inserting only a line setting to "/usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf"? (Cloudflare) I use aaPanel webhosting panel, and in OLS admin have "Include file detected in configuration file. Entering Read-only mode.".
  7. 18TommyBoy

    Cloudflare and OLS

    I read this today: I hosted a few websites, 80% there have Cloudflare. My question is, when set to "Trusted IP Only", who no have Cloudflare, can´t access nobody the 20% sites?