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  1. alonsoitokawa

    How can I disable lazy load for Adsense?

    My ads are not showing because adsense is telling me in the console that it does not support data deferred attribute, as so: I tried using data-no-lazy="1" in adsense code tags, but it didn't work. I don't really need to be lazy loading adsense ads, so how can I disable Lazy Load for Google...
  2. alonsoitokawa

    data-lazyloaded="0" stopped working

    I've been using data-lazyloaded="0" to exclude images from lazy load, but I've noticed that recently it stopped working. Something is adding data-lazyloaded="1" to the elements, and this is ruining even one of my Google Ads. Can anybody tell me what's going on?
  3. alonsoitokawa

    Enabe rewrite , disable mod security

    I have read that in order to disable mod security, the htaccess file should be edited, but for the htaccess we need to enable rewirte first. Im not being able to do this last part. Running Open Light Speed and Direct Admin.
  4. alonsoitokawa

    mod_security and 406 error

    Some of my pages have been throwing the 406 error, I managed to get around this by disabling a few mod security rules from Direct Admin, the thing is that there are many rules for me to disable, specially because one of my themes has a layout builder and every time I use that builder, the items...
  5. alonsoitokawa

    RewriteRule, Redirect 301, htaccess and Openlitespeed

    So I tried using Redirect 301 in htaccess, but it didn't work (and it seems that it's not possible to use it with OLS), then I noticed that RewriteRule does work, but there's a problem: It only works if I place it before "# BEGIN LSCACHE" rules. I'm worried, if I keep it in the beginning of my...
  6. alonsoitokawa

    Can't optimize images

    It says I can request a maximum of 200 images at once, but it's only pulling 1 or 2 images each time I press the Pull Images button, and I have a lot of images. What's happening?
  7. alonsoitokawa

    Lazy Loaded CSS sample is wrong

    I had a problem where I was using the sample code provided by OLS plugin in wordpress, where the transition effect wasn't working. I even asked for help here and the developer said it was working. Ok, the php code was working, but not the css transition, I told him about the css, he couldn't...
  8. alonsoitokawa

    Lazy Load not working

    Apparently, lazy load is not working in my website. Lazy load is supposed to come with a fade-in effect and I'm not seeing it when I reload the page with control + F5 (or shift + F5), even after clearing all lightspeed's cache. I've checked the console and I can't find any errors related to...
  9. alonsoitokawa

    Brotli/gzip Compression enabled but not working?

    It looks like that brotli is not compressing all my local static content (and I need it to compress at least all local js and css files) or that it's gzip that isn't working. And maybe there's nothing being compressed at all, because I'm getting like 8mb of page size and gzip might also be the...