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    Listener level settings

    Hi, I want to know if I have defined SSL Protocol ( SSL Ciphers,Enable ECDH Key Exchange ,Enable DH Key Exchange ,etc) at the Listener level does it apply for all vhosts , OR do I have to add it to all vhost separately?
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    jail/unjail users using bubblewrap

    I have some users in linux that I want to jail/unjail using bubblewrap. I read your guide "" to install bubblewrap. I installed it in ubuntu 18.04 as root using the below commands: $ apt install pkg-config libcap-dev automake $ git clone...
  3. S file not serve it get downloaded

    I have defined in the index index { useServer 0 indexFiles, index.php8 autoIndex 0 } both getting downloaded can you tell me what is wrong with the conf
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    context proxy giving 403 error

    I have added this context when I access my it gives a 403 error please check my conf is write or not context /webmail { type proxy handler webmail addDefaultCharset off } extprocessor webmail { type proxy...
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    website show forbiden 403

    hi I have added the addon domain and docroot of is /home/abc/website/abc/new_public_html/ but shows a forbidden 403 error my website folder permission is abc : abc 0750 abc folder permission is abc : abc 0750 new_public_html is abc : nobody 0750 when I have use...
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    SSL on hostname

    Hi, how to install SSL on my hostname in openlitespeed I'm not able to install SSL
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    how to Park a Domain in openlitespeed at vhost level

    I want to park to in openlitespeed
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    openlitespeed taking time to set on port 80

    hi, I have installed openlitespeed, and the status showing running but when I set it to run on port 80 on losf -i:80 it takes more time to set on port 80 why?
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    Error log not showing in webAdmin OLS

    Searched 0 log entries and found 0 above level DEBUG Failed to read file : /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log getting this error
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    OLS start automatic after some time

    I have killed all the processes and stopped the openlitespeed but it will start service automatically after some time. can you tell me how to solve this any guide?
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    getting error

    Invalid configuration value: failovermethod=priority in /etc/yum.repos.d/litespeed.repo; Configuration: OptionBinding with id "failovermethod" does not exist hi, I am getting this error.
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    can i use litespeed comodo rules in openlitespeed

    I have installed both owasp and comodo rules do both work simultaneously?
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    Mod-security at vhost level

    hi, I have 5 domains I want to enable mod-sec on 3 domains only is this possible? I have added this conf in httpd_config.conf but this will be applied to all domains module mod_security { modsecurity on modsecurity_rules ` SecDebugLogLevel 0 SecDebugLog /usr/local/lsws/logs/modsec.log...
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    Hi, I have suspended any vhost i want to show a custom error page is this possible? I have added this in httpd_config.conf suspendedVhosts to suspend the vhost but it shows me 403 forbidden I want to show some custom error page
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    Main OLS Configuration File

    hi if I change main configuration file name from /usr/local/lsws/http_config.conf to /usr/local/lsws/httpd.conf does it work ?
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    enable/disabled http2

    hi I have disabled http2 in my listener like this listener Default { address *:80 secure 0 enableSpdy 0 } listener SSL { address *:443 secure 1 enableSpdy 0 } default...
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    enable/disable gzip compersion openlitespeed

    hi, how I can enable/disable gzip compersion in openlitespeed at the server level and vhost level?
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    Selectively enable HTTP/3, HTTP/2, and SPDY HTTP network protocols.

    hi i have set ALPN to none in my ssl listener so but my domain getting http/2 listener SSL { address *:443 secure 1 enableSpdy 0 } I want to set this config to my all SSL Vhost. is this possible or should I have to add this in all Vhost
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    How to enable/disable http2 in openlitespeed

    how I can enable/disable http2 and http3 in openlitespeed ?
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    How to Force HTTPS in Vhost

    hi I want to add force HTTPS redirect in vhost without using web admin because my web admin is open in read-only mode. is there any way to force HTTPS redirect like we do in apache Redirect permanent / I have added this in my vhost but it does not work rewrite {...