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  1. siefu

    x-forwarded-for in openlitespeed

    hi, my server are behind proxy / loadbalance. in order to show the real ip i need to enable x-forded-for (if in apache). i do some googling, it is "use client ip header" and i need to enable it - put it yes. i have done the setup, then restart the server. the access log still shown the ip...
  2. siefu

    rewrite for simplesaml

    hi, i try to setup simplesaml in my web server using openlitespeed. somehow there is 404 error and one things that i can't figure out to setup is "require all granted" for path directory /var/simplesamlphp/www <Directory /var/simplesamlphp/www/> Require all granted </Directory> anyone...