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    LiteSpeed Cache prevents browsers to re-validate pages

    @kvv213 As @Cold-Egg said, your changes to etag make things worse. Above all, you are taking away an important function. Please read this:
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    Alternative to LiteSpeed Cache Warmup Crawler

    Are you unhappy how to warmup the cache of your applicattion? Feel free to contact us at https// We are certified official LiteSpeed Supporter and can help you in any case! LiteSpeed support
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    Alternative to LiteSpeed Cache Warmup Crawler

    @Spriteboy09 Please contact us This forum is for OLS support. The only purpose of this empty file is to show you which version it is, otherwise you would have to install the software to find out the version number. This requirement test also has its purpose and is not...
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    htaccess noabort options not working

    It could be that noabort and noconntimeout are reserved for the LSWS.
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    htaccess noabort options not working

    Is this script bound to a session?
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    htaccess noabort options not working

    @hoss Could you provide us with details about what are you trying to do?
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    Setting Up Custom Headers Not Work

    There is no need to set custom headers in Cyberpanel or OLS. Everything you have to do is to enable browser cache in cache plugin and set the value for TTL to: 31536000. This is the expected value for Pagespeed and a good score. That's it.
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    Alternative to LiteSpeed Cache Warmup Crawler

    Upcoming versions are on to do list: - WP Rocket - Magento
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    Alternative to LiteSpeed Cache Warmup Crawler

    An additional Kitt Cache Crawler version is available now for Shopware 6: Demo to Kitt Cache Crawler for Shopware 6: User: Demo Pass: Demo Be aware that Demo account has restrictions, so you can't exexcute all features.
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    This has already been solved.
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    How to fix TTFB avarage 1 to 1.3 sec

    @MEMT Where/how do you check TTFB?
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    htaccess noabort options not working

    @hoss Try this. It works for me, but I have LSWS. SetEnvIf Request_URI "script\.php" noabort noconntimeout
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    Openlitespeed server blocks the filter operation

    Disable your Adblocker in browser. OLS doesn't block the filter.
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    How to fix TTFB avarage 1 to 1.3 sec

    No. The TTFB is not exclusively, but decisively influenced by the packet runtimes. This means that the closer your host is to the GtMetrix test server, the smaller the TTFB. You can improve the TTFB with a page cache, but it only gets really better with a CDN. However, this applies with...
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    Very heavy cachedata directory size - purging doesn't clear it

    It seems you purge the cache manually very often? I don't know if OLS works like LSWS, but with LSWS the cache directory is automatically cleaned, but the automatic cleaning only works for cache files whose TTL has expired. That means, if you purge the cache manually this automatically cleaning...
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    Page Cache Problem

    @ksteam You should read this:
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    Alternative to LiteSpeed Cache Warmup Crawler

    We updated demo section. Now for the current version there are demos available for: Kitt Cache Crawler for LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for Wordpress Kitt Cache Crawler for W3 Total Cache Kitt Cache Crawler for LiteSpeed...
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    Page hits not updating with litespeed

    There is nothing wrong, but to understand why there is nothing wrong you have to understand what caching means. You already got answers for your question in LiteSpeed support forum, so you should know what has to be done to make your request work.
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    Header merge works as append

    ....because you are conditioned on Apache. Apache used to be good, but it was at least 20 years ago. So it could also be said that you are someone from the past who has slept through the present? Again, what Apache does or has done does not always comply with the RFC.