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  1. yorich

    ImageMagick version 1690 but version 1691 is loaded.

    Anyone else get this with lsphp81, OLS 1.17.16 on ubuntu 22.04? The fuill error is: 2022-06-30 01:08:45.200 [STDERR] PHP Warning: Version warning: Imagick was compiled against ImageMagick version 1690 but version 1691 is loaded. Imagick will run but may behave surprisingly in Unknown on line...
  2. yorich

    cannot find the source of "no such file or directory" error

    Running OLS 1.7.16 on Ubuntu 22.04, on a GCP Instance. It works really well, except while doing anything on my site, I occasionally see "No such file or directory" in the litespeed/logs/error.log I've turned DEBUG logging on, with DEBUG level set to HIGH, but for the life of me I can't find...
  3. yorich

    Possible issue uploading to GCP?

    EDIT nevermind these seem to occur even without trying to upload
  4. yorich

    Possible issue uploading to GCP?

    edit dissregard
  5. yorich

    Question about PHP 8 and its modules availability

    forgive my ignorance, but isn't one of the selling points of lsphp*.* that it was tightly integrated with openlitespeed (or litespeed in general)? I forget off the top of my head, but it was supposed to be heavily optimized for litespeed. Wouldn't going with "vanilla" php8 undo those...
  6. yorich

    Version V1.7.13 is out?

    yeah noticed that as well, also there is no mention anywhere on google of a 1.7.13 version either.
  7. yorich

    How to get Real Client IPs, but still only allow traffic from cloudflare?

    I've got my allowed list in OLS set to allow all of cloudflare's CIDR blocks, but when I remove the "ALL" from the list and move it to deny, I get a 403 when accessing my page. This is due, I believe, to having "Use Client IP in header" set to "Trusted IP only". If I change Use Client IP in...
  8. yorich

    How can I allow my mysqld for remote connection ?

    exposing your database to the internet is a terrible idea. If you're trying to access it local, you should be using a socket. If you absolutely need to make it truly remotely accessible, then turn on mysql SSL encryption, and make sure you firewall 3306 to only allow from your source IP.
  9. yorich

    Hwo to achieve same behavior as nginx try_files directive?

    Posting the same question twice does not get an aswer twice as fast...
  10. yorich

    Blocking All IPs except for Cloudflare IPs

    It's amazing what you can learn if you read the help associated with the option. The UI CLEARLY tells you what the "T" is for, to bypass any rate limiting, etc (it's trusted). Now back to your question, I'm curious as well. I've whitelisted only the CF IP addresses (including IPv6) and...