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  1. Firsh

    Possible dead lock [LSAPI application] - Help

    FWIW I think I solved it in my specific case. I'm a WP developer and I believe my refreshes of the Dashboard with "Disable cache" in the developer tools of Chrome might have overwhelmed the server with the lots of little scripts and uncached resources, as it's anything but serving static HTML...
  2. Firsh

    Change Running As to www:data

    How can I check? I did a htop and sorted by command, most of OLS run as www-data now but two are root is that normal? Regarding files and folders, the lsws folder is root, but some meaningful ones in it are www-data or lsadm, (those that I expect OLS to write...
  3. Firsh

    Change Running As to www:data

    Why is the reinstall necessary? I found that a simple graceful restart has the desired effect as well. Or even a normal stop start.