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    Example vhost - Getting upload progress bar to work

    Please refer :
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    ACL and OpenLiteSpeed

    Do you mean you want to give a few developers to access to the same folder for them to update code? If so, you will need to give them shared login "dev" user and they can upload code through ftp. They won't have a different user login. If you means something else, please clarify. I would...
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    Exclude logged in users without wordpress plugin

    For lscache plugin for wordpress related question, you can log at .
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    Openlitespeed htaccess problem (!)

    OLS only supports rewrite rules in .htaccess. "deny from all" is not rewrite rule hence OLS doesn't support it. You can try the following rewrite rule in /src/.htaccess and restart OLS to make effective. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [F,L]
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    php74 triggerred 500 error. 500 errors are normally caused by file permission or faulty php configuration. Does your lsphp74 and lsphp70 both run as nobody:nobody, or user:user? 500 error has nothing to do with OLS. You can follow...
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    What's the error? Can you show me the screenshot? Also can you change to lsphp74, then show me the looks like your lsphp74 configuration might have some problem.
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    Jpeg to WebP over htaccess

    For: they are not rewrite rules and not supported by OLS. OLS only support rewrite rule in .htaccess. For the rest rewrite rules, you can simple place them in .htaccess, then restart OLS. If they did not work as espected, you can test them on apache to make sure they are working fine, or turn...
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    openlitespeed gets stuck all the time. v1.6.8

    you can run the following from command line to see if it helps. /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -e 1.6.9
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    Query about OLSW as proxy

    I don't see any benefit to use LiteSpeed as proxy since you can just use it as webserver and you should have best performance on it. You can use CDN server in the front if you like such as
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    How to redirect a subdomain to specific port?

    Your question is again a cyberpanel question , not OLS question. you 'd better talk to cypber panel to see any automation on proxy. On OLS side, you will need to do manually, unless you can setup your own script and create any necessary configuration for each virtual host based on the KB I sent...
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    Unable to install On ubuntu 18.04 raspberry pi 4

    New OLS doesn't have separate modules/ any more. Is your OLS running ok after installation?
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    Unable to install On ubuntu 18.04 raspberry pi 4

    does the precompiled version work? or did you run ./
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    php version should n't be matter. as far as lsphp shows in and all the modules loading correctly, it should be fine. might be some lsphp configuration issue.
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    How to redirect a subdomain to specific port?

    You will need to create each subdomain and set up proxy for each manually. It more looks like a feature request to cyberpanel to it can be automated from the control panel side. You can log such feature request to cyberpanel directly. or
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    Can you provide your phpinfo URL? http://<myserverip>/phpmyadmin/phpinfo.php, does your virtual host use domain or just IP?
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    New to the place

    Welcome to the OpenLiteSpeed world and have fun!
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    How to redirect a subdomain to specific port?

    You can setup only one external app on server level, then use it for all virtual host. On Virtual host, if you use context way, you will need to do that on every domain manually. If you have used rewrite rule way, you will need to place the rewrite rule to each virtual host doc root .htaccess...
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    What is the best to use with AWS RDS (aurora or MariaDB)

    I have not used Aurora before but Amazon Aurora looks a remote database server, and you can certainly use it. You can use OLS with it without cyberpanel.
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    Swapfile for the OLS or not

    Swap file to RAM is on system level and should be good pratice to setup one, but this is not for OLS, it will apply to all applications.
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    OpenLiteSpeed vs Paid - noobie questions

    For Xenforo 2, you can use OLS and enable lscache plugin there. There is no ESI and it only caches non-logged in users. On cpanel, it doesn't prevent you to install OLS. I don't think it will break your cpanel as far as you keep the apache running.