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    Switching PHP version in Web Server Control Panel causing error

    Can anyone help? Getting this when following this. **MAIN_STATUS** retrieved from /usr/local/lsws/phpbuild/buildphp_1675289412.8.progress Start building PHP 7.2.34 with LSAPI Configuring PHP build (2-3 minutes) **ERROR** Could not configure PHP build **LOG_DETAIL** retrieved from...
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    Cant install/switch to lsphp72 on Ubuntu 22.04

    I have OLS running on lsphp74 but Im having trouble downgrading to 72. Is there a doc where I can install lsphp72 on ubuntu 22.04? I have a website dependant on php72 and im getting this error when trying to isntall lsphp72. sudo apt install lsphp72 Reading package lists... Done Building...