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    OLS on Rocky Linux (RHEL) 9.X ?

    Hi can anyone confirm if OLS works fine on RHEL 9 systems? Should we just follow the installation instructions for RHEL 8 systems, using their repos? I see there's a directory for version 9 in the CentOS repo, but it's empty at the moment. Is it in-progress?
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    Ideal place for wp-cron / noabort rule?

    Hi, I'm trying to find the right place to set a rule like this one (taken from the LiteSpeed docs): SetEnvIf Request_URI "(wp-cron).php" noabort noconntimeout Would this fit into the Rewrite Tab > Rewrite Rules section or is something like this considered a "document root level rewrite rule"...
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    LSPHP equivalent to phpsessionclean?

    Hi guys, I've been reading up on temp directories and maybe putting the PHP session path onto tmpfs, and I noticed LSPHP doesn't have any of the methods of cleaning out old sessions mentioned below. So does it have another method? I managed to figure out that vhost-related sessions are stored...
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    Domain Preview

    Oh I think I get what you're saying. What you can do is create a new Listener on a unique port, and then assign your vhost to that listener. It's what I do for domainless things like PHPMyAdmin. So then I can reach it with https://SERVERIP : PORT (spaces added to avoid smiley) EDIT or this...
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    Domain Preview

    You want to see if OLS is actually listening on the domain before adding any content to it?
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    I think we all do, but this is definitely something that drives sales of their LiteSpeed Enterprise paid service so they'd probably like to keep it as a premium feature.
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    WP Admin Bar Disappeared (OLS+DA)

    With the WordPress plugin, go to LightSpeed Cache > Page Optimization. There are lots of tweaks you can make to the minification settings. Maybe see if HTML Minify is on and if it's having a negative effect. It could also be a problem with the CSS Combine and JS Combine. Though I've never come...
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    Is hosting YOURLS or POLR possible with OLS?

    Wait on someone from OLS to actually confirm first! Haha
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    Can't access :8088 and :7080

    Does Linode have its own firewall? I know my VPS provider does. Look around in Linode.
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    HSTS not working

    The only difference I'm seeing in my settings is I leave Location blank and I add subdomains to the directive Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains
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    How to create virtual host without using webadmin ?

    Short answer - yes you'll need to create the directories and the conf file, and make sure the proper users have ownership (you should create new users for each vhost as well). The Vhost Templates feature is interesting but I haven't explored it fully, I don't think it's documented anywhere? It...
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    WP Admin Bar Disappeared (OLS+DA)

    Maybe something gets lost / broken during minification?
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    Is hosting YOURLS or POLR possible with OLS?

    I'm no authority here, but OLS does need to be restarted to affect a change to .htaccess. Litespeed Enterprise (the paid service) can apparently do it dynamically, without a restart.
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    Unable to Activate ModSecurity - OLS Enterprise

    You might be better off posting in the CyberPanel forums, this looks like a problem with CyberPanel. Personally I just gave up on it and administer the server from the WebAdmin panel and through the command line / conf files. As for rule sets, you should probably pick one or the other - OWASP...
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    AIO is not supported on this machine!

    Installed from the repo What does AIO do? Logging? Is there a setting in the conf that I can try?
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    Strange issue with lshttpd service and lswsctrl restart

    I should add once this failure arises, I can only restart the service successfully through Cockpit, which appears to immediately terminate the old process - no graceful restart. The error remains if I use the other methods of graceful restart, or even if I reboot the VPS.
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    Strange issue with lshttpd service and lswsctrl restart

    I did a bit of digging to come up with the source of this problem. It arises only when I run a bash alias for the lswsctrl restart command. Is this a permissions issue? Maybe this is specific to CentOS 8 or even SELinux, though I set SELinux to permissive mode and the same error occurs. My...
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    AIO is not supported on this machine!

    Bump. I'm seeing this in a new install (CentOS 8 VPS) and wondering if it's important. No explanation was given ^
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    Search functionality in the KB is down

    Hi guys, I wanted to do a quick search at but when I hit Search I get "Please try again later.. [Forbidden]" in the results drop-down.