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  1. sqpp

    Custom Sort on Virtual Hosts

    Hi. It would be really neat to custom-sort the virtual hosts, so you can order it differently, like have a Priority. Right now the only way to achieve this is to edit the name in ABC, but then that may lead to stuff that breaks. Maybe add a Pretty Name attribute or Priority boolean to sort...
  2. sqpp

    [resolved] LSPHP 8.1.11 Build error on Ubuntu 22.04

    Hey, I have some issues building the latest LSPHP such as LSPHP 8.1.11 on arm64. Could you please advise at least somewhat and where should I look for? OS: "22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)" My compiler flags: CFLAGS='-g -O2 -fdebug-prefix-map=/build/php8.1-8.1.10=. -fstack-protector-strong...
  3. sqpp

    OLS 1.7.16 on Ubuntu 22.04 Running Sweet

    Hey! I managed the build OLS 1.7.16 on Ubuntu 22.04 and it runs really well on my Raspberry, thank you very much! Just wanted to enforce your self confidence that the software is well stable even on the latest Ubuntu. Even added Awstats support for a few of my friends, so that they can...
  4. sqpp

    [Help needed] 403 error

    Of course, sorry. It was with the paths. The trailing at the end of the most paths were missing. I know on Linux this describes the directory, but maybe, LS could check both without / and with / at the end, that would make it less confusing. :)
  5. sqpp

    [Help needed] 403 error

    I never said it's in the user folder. See please.
  6. sqpp

    [Help needed] 403 error

    Hey, I have been trying to work this out, but unable so far. I have an OLS installed in /usr/local/lsws, but everytime I make a new virtualhost in a directory such as /home/myname/ it throws a 403 error. I know it's permission related, because it works within the actual server...