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    Unable to Upgrade openlitespeed

    hi, I'm unable to upgrade to openlitespeed 1.4.21 due to some error. I'm attaching /.configure and make command output here. plz help
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    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.15 Released! Battle Tested!

    When admin panel bug on smartphones will be fixed?
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    Admin panel on smartphone

    I have recorded the screen for better understanding the issue. You can watch it here
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    Admin panel on smartphone

    I'm using OLS version 1.4.14 and infinx note 2 LTE smartphone running android 5.1 using latest google chrome and Firefox browsers. Also tested on another phone with android 4.2.1 and chrome/firefox
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    Admin panel on smartphone

    Admin panel buttons don't work on smartphone. i.e when server configuration, vhosts etc pressed nothing happens. Admin panel remain on the main dashboard and does not open any other page.
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    webp expire setting

    Hi, how can I set expire setting for webp images. image/webp=A604800 is not working
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    No Thanks file manager

    Is this possible to integrate a file manager into openlitespeed control panel? So that we can completly manage our vps from openlitespeed cpanel and don't need ssh, sftp etc for directory creation and content uploads.
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    Implemented rpm spec?

    to disable build php during install, change value setup_php=1 to setup_php=0 in dist/ you can also change other values like port etc by editing dist/
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    Elgg Installation

    I added / to all rewrite rules like this RewriteRule ^rewrite.php$ /install.php [L] but it did not work. Then I added / like this RewriteRule ^/rewrite.php$ install.php [L] and it worked.
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    Max Dynamic Response Body Size

    I'm not sure but may be this can help you.
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    Elgg Installation

    Hi lsmichael, Thanks for all this information, I will try to make elgg work according to this.
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    Elgg Installation

    Hi, I'm unable to install elgg on openlitespeed. I put rewrite code from .htaccess file to openlitespeed rewrite rules and enable it but still fail rewrite check of elgg. I skip that step and install elgg but now getting 404 error page. I have attached elgg htaccess file. Please help what...
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    Fixed blank screen on virtual host mapping

    Thanks, I will upgrade to version 1.2.2 soon
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    Fixed blank screen on virtual host mapping

    Hi I'm getting blank screen while adding virtual host mapping in listener on Openlitespeed v1.2.1.