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    How to install and use Git with OLS 1 Click Wordpress Droplet?

    Hi, I have installed OLS 1 Click Wordpress Droplet on DigitalOcean and Everythig is Working Perfectly!:) I just want to know that How can I use Git with Wordpress and OLS so that when I make changes locally and push it to my Server, it would be Live. I also want your suggestion in this case as...
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    How to add an extra domain to my OLS Wordpress droplet?

    For This I would suggest You to use Namecheap Free DNS and add Wildcard redirect or single URL Redirect if you do not want to get into the Server stuff!:)
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    Where is php.ini file Located in Wordpress Directory?

    Hi, I installed Wordpress and OLS with the following link: Can you Please guide me How to change php.ini file because I want to upload a Theme which exceeds the upload Limit? Regards.