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  1. vadim


    Hi all, My client need to autoupdate openlitespeed regularly without console access. OLS installed from binary repo. Can I use cron to test? lsup cannot do this - test and upgrade if new version appears, as I see. Any help would be welcome.
  2. vadim

    Https:// and multiple hosts on one ip

    Hi, I have a problem with adding a second vhost. All hosts work on 80 port without any problem I add a le certificate for the first domain to listener and first vhost works well. But when I add letsencrypt certificate to the second domain I saw that it uses the first one whilst ssl tab of vhost...
  3. vadim


    When you plan to add ioncube php7.4 module? Because of it's absent on Ubuntu 18.04.
  4. vadim

    Configuration in /etc

    Does it exits any way to move ,/conf files to the /etc directory?
  5. vadim

    Password protected directories with Realm and Context

    I have a 2 almost identical VPS: 1. Ubuntu 18.04/1-click install on DigitalOcean 1.5.10 (LS9) 2. Ubuntu 18.04/Manually installed from binaries 1.5.10 with ols.conf (LS12) SERVERROOT=/usr/local/lsws OPENLSWS_USER=www-data OPENLSWS_GROUP=www-data OPENLSWS_ADMIN=admin OPENLSWS_PASSWORD=********...
  6. vadim

    access.log doesn't created

    I just have installed yet another vps. And have seen that access.log file doesn't create. It doesn't appear after editing and pressing "save" the access.log section whilst error.log is creating all the time. After editing vhost.conf by hand and inserting a bit of code access.log appears in...
  7. vadim

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    After installation with apt I see the message in php.ini: Phar Phar: PHP Archive support enabled Phar API version 1.1.1 Phar-based phar archives enabled Tar-based phar archives enabled ZIP-based phar archives enabled gzip compression disabled (install ext/zlib) bzip2 compression disabled...