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    Unable to install On ubuntu 18.04 raspberry pi 4

    Hello I am trying to install ols on my raspberry to make a test server. I try to compile from source Failed from binary Failed Someone as an idea? Step Fresh install :Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 for Raspberry Pi Setup hostname 172..... and on my router i also setup static IP Install OLS and i got ...
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    Failed Fresh install OpenLiteSpeed One click installation

    Hello i got a bug on fresh install one click. Ubuntu 18.04 + apt update && apt upgrade wget --no-check-certificate && bash -w Any idea ? Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is...
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    Ghost 404 after fresh install on subfolder

    Hello i am new on OLS. I am trying to install ghost as a sub-folder. I follow the tutorial but i got 404 error The only difference is my root folder is /usr/local/lsws/app/ when i setup the blog i add I am totally lost...