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    Problem with wordpress site

    Hi I had a wordpress website working perfectly fine and today all of a sudden it started redirecting to install page. whenever I visit the website it takes me to which is the very first page you see when you install wordpress on a domain while you...
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    Free Conn and Free SSL Conn

    Can someone please explain what does Free Conn: 2000 and Free SSL Conn: 1000 signifies when you login to ols dashboard. Please see this screenshot. Thank you.
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    Backup Module For OpenLiteSpeed

    I am long time ISP Manager user and I really like how they manage backups and restore and their integration with amazon s3. Sadly I cannot use ISP manager with openlitesped. Currently I am running my server without any server panel and I loving it. Only thing I am lacking is to be able to have...
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    404 error on pages and posts

    Hi I had a wordpress website that was hosted on server running openlitespeed. I had to move the same website to a different domain on same openlitespeed server and after the migration I am able to access homepage but all other pages and posts are giving me 404 error and for the life of me I...
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    Updating to 1.5.10

    Hi I was wondering how can I upgrade to 1.5.10? Usually I would run this command "apt-get upgrade openlitespeed" and it would upgrade for me. But today when I tried it again, it did not upgrade to 1.5.10 for me and still showing 1.5.9. Could it be that it is too soon for me to be running that...
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    Question about SSL

    Hi I was wondering when a wild card ssl gets renewed, does certificate change as well or it stays the same? The reason I am asking this is because subdomain of my main website is hosted on different server and I have enetered the wild card ssl manually and I am worried about if I need to do...
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    wildcard SSL

    Hi I am using ols wordpress image and I am wondering how can I setup a wildcard ssl for my domain? Thank you.
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    How do I Fix a Too Many Open Files Issue?

    hey guys, I have tried to follow this tutorial. But no matter what I try output for ulimit -n is always 1024 even after adding those valued there in that conf. I wonder what am I doing wrong? Is there any...
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    403 Error on Plugin Upload

    Hi I am using your wordpress image on digitalicean and I am getting 403 error every time I am trying to upload a plugin through wordpress. I have checked maximum upload size is set to 100M and plugin I am trying to upload is less than 7MB. Can you please help what am I doing wrong?
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    SSR Errror: Failed to load key file

    I want to access ols web panel on a ssl. https://serverip:7080 I am following this tutorial to setup ssl on server IP. I am getting these errors [SSL] Config SSL Context with Certificate File: /usr/local/lsws/conf/server.csr and...
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    OWASP Guide

    Is there any guide to how I can configure owasp rule set with openlitespeed? Thank you
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    Turn on Mod Security on OpenLiteSpeed Wordpress Image

    Hi I am trying to figure out a way to turn on mod security on openlitespeed wordpress image. I am following this tutorial I have an error in first step where it can not find the directory. /openlitespeed_download/ I...