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  1. thekendog

    1.6.9 Issue

    Just updated to 1.6.9 from 1.5.8. I can't restart OLS now. I'm seeing this error. Refusing to accept PID outside of service control group, acquired through unsafe symlink chain: /tmp/lshttpd/ I'm on Centos 7.
  2. thekendog

    Configure PHP by Directory or File Error Using Rewrite Method

    I've followed the guide here... ...and am using the alternate rewrite method. However, all images, css files, js files, etc are throwing either a 500 error or this... Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type...
  3. thekendog

    lsphp74-zip on CentOS 7

    When will the zip module for php 7.4 be added for CentOS 7? I've got a plugin on a Wordpress site that needs it to function.
  4. thekendog

    Context in a VHost Template

    I have a VHost template and a context rule I'd like to add. I've added it and it works, however I get notifications in the error log because it's trying to apply it to all sites in the template. Is it possible to specify a specific vhost when applying a context rule in a template?