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  1. lskagan

    OLS update on CentOS 8

    Hello Chris, Starting with 1.6 we use the LSPHP73 for the webadmin, your site will still use LSPHP74.
  2. lskagan

    php7.2-common and php7.2-readline listed for installation for all PHP 7.x versions

    Those are a dependency of a dependency by the operating system. We have no control over that. You will still get LSPHP74 installed.
  3. lskagan

    [HELP] the website doesn't open, instead, it downloads the index.php file

    What is output of the following commands: ls -la /usr/local/lsws dpkg -l | grep 'lsphp'
  4. lskagan

    [HELP] Where is php.ini in OLS

    If you create a PHP Info page it should tell you: Configuration File (php.ini) Path
  5. lskagan

    Add lsphpXX-maxminddb PHP extension

    @WSairus Adding the maxminddb is currently not on our todo list but it can be added but it will be low priority at this time. @paulozlx We have been discussing this internally but do not have an eta on if/when these will be available yet.
  6. lskagan


    It will be released when Ioncube is released for PHP74. Currently Ioncube does not support PHP74
  7. lskagan

    AIO is not supported on this machine!

    This is a known bug and will be fixed in 1.6.5.
  8. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    Currently for CentOS 7 the ZIP package will not be supported as the libzip provided by CentOS 7 is too outdated to support the PHP74 ZIP requirements. We are looking at alternative solutions for this matter.
  9. lskagan

    Trying to compile php7.4 with gd and webp support

    Our PHP74 repos should have webp support built in already. Is there a reason you want to compile it manually?
  10. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    Hello, What OS are you running @hennaboy ? The bz2 packages are built into lsphp/lsphp-common packages. Zip package should be available for every OS except CentOS 7.
  11. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    The packages have been pushed!
  12. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    Hi @vadim , Thank you for the report. I think I identified the issue and figured out why it passed our testing. Should have a new build of all our PECL extensions out today.
  13. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    The packages were pushed. If your run `apt update && apt upgrade` it should upgrade to the latest builds with bz2 + zlib fixed.
  14. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    Thank you for the report. We have added bz2 and fixed zlib and new packages should be released tomorrow. Will update this post once they are live.
  15. lskagan

    Where is / mysql.ini in lsphp-mysql?

    This is the first report of such an issue we have received. Can I ask was this a fresh install of lsphp? Did it happen randomly? When the package is installed it will generate the .ini in the correct location, it won't be included in the package source.
  16. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    We will investigate and get back to you.
  17. lskagan


    New builds like 7.4.1 usually come 1-2 days after they are released from PHP.
  18. lskagan

    Bzip2 and zip support in lsphp7.4

    What is your OS version?
  19. lskagan


    Yes lsphp74 has been released, you can run `apt install lsphp74` or `yum install lsphp74` depending on your distros.
  20. lskagan

    Error establishing a database connection

    In this specific case it is possible MariaDB was killed due to OOM issues. You can try `sudo systemctl restart mariadb` if that doesnt work you can run `sudo ps -ef | grep 'mysql'` get the PID then run `kill -9 PID` and then `sudo systemctl start mariadb` which should get mariadb back up...