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  1. Maciej Jackowski

    add vhosts/members in command line?

    Is there a way in OLS to add vhosts or template members via command line or some script / API ? regards
  2. Maciej Jackowski

    Is OLS support any kind of special variables like $VH_ROOT,$VH_DOMAIN

    Is there a way to insert vars from template to Environment in LiteSpeed SAPI App ? In litespeed you can use $VH_NAME, $VH_ROOT, $VH_DOMAIN in Environment variables. regards
  3. Maciej Jackowski

    Is there upgrade 1.4 to 1.5 instruction ?

    I used to to upgrade 1.4.x versions Is there a upgrade instruction or script to migrate to 1.5.x ?
  4. Maciej Jackowski

    no lsphp socks in /tmp/lshttpd

    I configure LiteSpeed SAPI App lsphp for template (it works on litespeed) Name $VH_NAME_lsphp Address uds://tmp/lshttpd/$VH_NAME_lsphp.sock Environment PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR=$VH_ROOT/$VH_DOMAIN/php/conf.d but then - there is no lsphp socks in /tmp/lshttpd - Environment variable interpolate to...
  5. Maciej Jackowski

    proper upgrade instruction for OLS?

    Is there any proper upgrade instruction for OLS? for example from binary installer I want to keep configs and custom lsphp's regards
  6. Maciej Jackowski

    OLS crawler for cache?

    Is there any way to enable crawler for OLS? or is it Enterprise only feature?
  7. Maciej Jackowski

    mod_php as DocRoot UID ?

    Is it possible to run php with mod_php in OLS with ExtApp Set UID Mode set DocRoot UID ? Even when I set DocRoot UID php run as www-data user set for server. regards
  8. Maciej Jackowski

    cache not working

    OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.39 I am getting errors like this [ERROR] [HTTP2-65:lsapi] [Module-Cache] createEntry failed. and cache is not working, also no X-LiteSpeed-Cache: header in response only x-litespeed-tag: 37a1_PGSRP,37a1_URL.a739ea1a803bb4f59a7bb71b7054256e,37a1_Po.2,37a1_PGS,37a1_ server...