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    Module:Cache checkAssignHandler error 2

    I am running OpenLiteSpeed 1.5.11 under Ubuntu Linux and the error log for each virtual host keeps getting flooded up with errors like so: 2020-02-07 23:19:22.530572 [ERROR] [] [Module:Cache]checkAssignHandler error 2. XXXX = virtual host name. This also...
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    Server side includes (SSI) problem

    Hi, I recently updated from 1.4.x to 1.5.x of OpenLiteSpeed and note that server side includes (SSI) are now functional. However, it only seems to work properly for static files. If I create a file with a .shtml extension and include a line like this: <!--#include virtual="file.txt" -->...
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    Server side includes in OpenLiteSpeed 1.5?

    Hi, Congratulations to OpenLiteSpeed on the landmark 1.5.0 release. Does this new release now support server-side includes? I raised the issue of serve-side includes back in this thread:
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    Swap file error

    In the "stderr.log" file, I'm getting a number of errors like this: Failed to open temp file for swapping: Permission denied I assume the swap area is /tmp/lshttpd/swap, whose permissions look like so: drwx------ 21 nobody nogroup 4096 Jun 23 19:24 /tmp/lshttpd/swap Files and directories are...
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    Auto update error

    Hi, Does OpenLiteSpeed want to do some automatic update or something? My error.log file has a number of these entries: 2017-08-28 02:57:00.103 [ERROR] HttpFetch[177]::failed to create file /usr/local/lsws//autoupdate/release: Permission denied. I understand why there is a permission denied...
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    The easiest upgrade process

    I am currently running 1.4.23. If I'm compiling OpenLiteSpeed from the source package, can I just copy the openlitespeed binary into its required place and re-start the server? Or do I really need to move /usr/local/lsws aside and let "make install" do its job and then I manually reconfigure...
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    Enabling SSI / server side includes

    Does anyone have a guide for enabling SSI (server side includes) with OpenLiteSpeed? The Apache way is to just load the "include" module: # a2enmod include There is no such module in OpenLiteSpeed - the source code indicates SSI support is built-in. So how does one activate it?