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    Memcached with ols-docker-env?

    How do get memcached (or redis) to work in LSCWP when using ols-docker-env (using Wordpress)? I get Connection Test: Failed, no matter what host ip I use (with port 11211), though the WP panel tells Memcached Extension: Enabled . I have shell access to the server. telnet 11211...
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    How to block access to port 8080

    I use openLiteSpeed 1.65 build. I have several vhosts, and general access to sites through port 80, 433 and 7080 is blocked. Using just IP address gets blocked. But to my astonishment, if one adds port 8080 (ie phpMyAdmin) to the ip, one can access to phpMyAdmin login screen. I could not get it...
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    HTTPS for admin panel?

    Hello everyone, I would like to use HSTS on my website, but this effectively prevents me to use Openlitespeed web admin panel wich uses port 7080 (my domain is on HSTS list, so the browsers force to use https) . I thought about setting up a HTTPS listener on port 7080, but currently I see no...
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    [Solved] Cannot log into Openlitespeed web admin after script upgrade

    I have been using ols-docker-env on Ubuntu 18.04 since February. The docker env file says the version is Now I made a huge mistake. I wanted to upgrade to a more recent version of Openlitespeed. Without thinking any further I run the upgrade script from outside the docker container...