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  1. truyencuoi

    Implemented Suggest additional features for admin panel OpenLiteSpeed

    Hello everyone. I have been using OLS for 2 years. In the course of use, I found that there are some points for improvement, I want QLS to add the following features: Add user permissions functions. Added mainline update menu (Features version). Thanks for comunity
  2. truyencuoi

    How to enable http/2 + quic/46 on OpenLiteSpeed v1.6x

    Hello everybody Please guide me to enable http/2 + quic/46 on OpenLiteSpeed v1.6 Thanks
  3. truyencuoi

    How to Update OpenLiteSpeed to Newest Version

    Hi admin and everybody I am using version 1.4.46. How to Update to Newest Version (1.4.47). No change the configuration ??? Thanks!