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    How to use OLS NodeJS and WSS?

    Edit: Invalid question. It was an application error, not OLS fault
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    Add lsphpXX-libsodium to repository

    Hello guys, Do you have any plan to add libsodium to lsphp repository? Since Magento 2.3.3 needs it, it would be great to have it installed with the official packages instead of downloading and compiling everytime there is an update on lsphp packages As always, thanks :)
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    OLS + Rails

    Hey guys, how are you doing? I need some help configuring rails with OpenLiteSpeed using virtualenvs... This is my context block at the moment: context / { type appserver location /srv/ binPath...
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    How to change OLS cache key?

    Hi, For what I can see, OLS cache key is $DOMAIN : $PORT $URI $QUERY_STRING I'd like to drop $DOMAIN from the cache_key. How can I do this with OLS?
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    Where is / mysql.ini in lsphp-mysql?

    Today new clients couldnt get wordpress to work, accusing MySQL extension missing. I checked and lsphp72-mysql was installed, but not working. So I downloaded the package and tried to see its content: root@ip-173-255-192-95:/usr/local/src# dpkg -c lsphp73-mysql_7.3.12-3+xenial_amd64.deb...
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    htaccess with appserver (node)

    Hi, Is it possible to read .htaccess rules when using node? I tried here, but it didn't work. Setting the same rules on a rewrite{} block on vhost.conf it worked as expected... Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Can someone please test too? :)
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    How to update symlink location without restarting?

    Hi, How can I force OLS to follow symlink location even when the location changes without restarting the service? This is the app structure: document root: /srv/app/www/current current is a symlink to /srv/app/www/releases/XXXXXX Everytime the client do a deploy, XXXX value changes...
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    lshttpd.service: Refusing to accept PID outside (...)

    After upgrading OLS to 1.5.9 on ubuntu 18.04 LTS, we can no longer start/restart the service: lshttpd.service: Refusing to accept PID outside of service control group, acquired through unsafe symlink chain Searching for this error on Google, I found the following on Red Hat site: Resolution...
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    Wrong hour (daylight savings) when using LSPHP

    Hi I'm not sure this is the right place to talk about this... In our current server configuration, we have several versions of PHP available to clients: PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.3 - Both packages from Ubuntu and from LSPHP. Normally, since last week, we would be in daylight savings time in Brazil...
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    How to log NODE stderr to own file

    Hey guys! I'm using OLS to run node on thousands of applications and servers, but they are all logging errors to the default stderr file: /usr/local/lsws/logs/stderr.log I need a way to log each application to a different file, similar to what we did using PHP here...
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    [AutoRestarter] child process with pid=3264 received signal=11, a core file is created

    Hey One of my server is constantly crashing and restarting OpenLiteSpeed. In the last night, it sent 4500 emails to me about the crash 2019-10-24 09:55:37.173539 [NOTICE] Child: 3264] Core dump is enabled. 2019-10-24 09:55:37.260419 [NOTICE] [Child: 3264] Setup swapping space... 2019-10-24...
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    lsrecaptcha behind reverse proxy

    Hey guys! :D I'm doing some tests with lsrecaptcha so we can protect wordpress admin page from bots, and when I was testing with only OLS, everything worked great. However, the moment I put nginx in front of OLS as reverse proxy, the captcha is never triggered. It seems the request is always...
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    Reached max children process - Log into vhost error log instead of stderr

    Hi guys :) I noticed OLS is logging every "Reached max children process" kind of error on stderr.log instead of the vhost's own error.log In another post ( someone said that stderr always go to stderr.log " due...
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    Wordpress Protected Pages + Litespeed Cache possible bug

    Hi guys, how are you? :) I'm trying to password protect a page on a new wordpress install with no other plugins, only LSCache, but the page asking for the password is being cached and served instead of showing the real page after I enter the password. You can check the test page here...
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    [Request] UseCanonicalPhysicalPort

    Hello, We are using OLS behind a proxy on several servers and almost everything works out of the box. However, some applications tries to redirect users after some actions using the _SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] variable. Since we are running OLS on localhost:9443 por HTTPS and localhost:8088 for HTTP...
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    .htaccess not loading on subdirectory (2 levels)

    Hello guys, how are you? =) I'm working on hundreds of OLS installations for a managed cloud hosting, and I started to notice a common problem: If I have the following dir structure, the last .htaccess doesn't get read: /srv/user/www/.htaccess /srv/user/www/dir1/.htaccess...