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    postfix is not working

    root@prosalsk:~# apt-get install ols-pagespeed Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: libpcre2-posix2 linux-headers-5.4.0-132 linux-headers-5.4.0-132-generic...
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    postfix is not working

    Postfix is running with backwards-compatible default settings postfix: See for details postfix: To disable backwards compatibility use "postconf compatibility_level=2" and "postfix reload" /usr/sbin/postconf: warning: /etc/postfix/
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    How to protect yourself from bots?

    I installed CSF and ModSecurity in cyberpavel, what rules should I set for them so that there are no these bots as in the screenshot?
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    Very large site size

    Logs or cache? everything is fine in the site directory, where to look?
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    Ssl is falling off sites

    Periodically, in turn, all sites on the openlitespeed server lose ssl certificates, I solve this by removing the site from cyberpanel and immediately add it and everything works.
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    there are a lot of direct visits to the site. how to disable ipv6 listening should help
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    Openlitespeed server blocks the filter operation

    Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce woocommerce 7.1.0 wordpress 6.1.1 php 7.4 site openlitespeed server blocks the filter operation. How to fix it?
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    Large TTFB

    2 vCore / 4 GB RAM / 70 GB SSD - 1 Gbps OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.14 + CyberPanel 2.1.2 2 vCore / 4 GB RAM / 70 GB SSD - 1 Gbps OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 + CyberPanel 2.3.2 there is a very...
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    Cannot issue SSL. Error message: (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away')

    Cannot issue SSL. Error message: (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away') plus I can't extend ssl for . For other domains, Let's Encrypt works, but for this it does not issue or renew..
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    Error message: Virtual Host Directory already exists. [404]

    the domain was once on the server, then I deleted it, now I'm adding it again and such an error Error message: Virtual Host Directory already exists. [404]
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    Mail is not working

    Apr 10 18:36:22 56818 postfix/cleanup[1223]: 1D9EE121831: message-id=<> Apr 10 18:36:22 56818 postfix/proxymap[849]: warning: mysql:/etc/postfix/ is unavailable. open /etc/postfix/
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    Mail is not working

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    CPU Usage 100%

    2022-01-13 18:49:42.876519 [INFO] [658] [] HttpExtConnector state: 0, request body sent: 0, response body size: -2, response body sent:0, left in buffer: 0, attempts: 0. 2022-01-13 18:49:42.876526 [INFO] [658] [] External...
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    High TTFB ?
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    High TTFB benchmark 5 my server Colleagues good evening, I can't understand why ttfb is big? I've already changed the hosting, but it's still huge to the cache.. I use vps 2 cores 4 GB of RAM from hosting-russia, before that I had a vps from...
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    open litespeed disk 100%

    openlitespeed disk usage is 100%. What to disable so that the disk is not clogged?
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    how to install lsphp71?

    no depository works