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    How to reduce cache warmup crawl time by up to 70%

    I run several woo sites on litespeed with cache. I've never had an entire purge just because I updated a single product. I think you're just doing something wrong. You're right that it's all relevant pages, but that being "the entire cache" as you suggested is wrong. Sorry for trying to help...
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    How to protect yourself from bots?

    Try using cloudflare as a front their web application firewall is free, zero config, and just works.
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    How to reduce cache warmup crawl time by up to 70%

    You should not be purging the entire cache hardly ever. Plugin updates for example can cause it but if you change a product it should only affect pages that product appears on and the module for wordpress handles this already. A new order should have zero affect on caching. Your cache will...
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    OLS with Laravel Cache Module

    I can't find documentation to get this to work. The module seems to be installed and working on Laravel's side but I can't seem to turn it on the only relevant header I get is: x-litespeed-cache-control: max-age=604800,no-cache,esi=on Here is what I have used from a working server for...