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    Reverse Proxy for Blazor WebServer

    You'd better use OLS Web Admin to avoid sytax error, which might not easy to spot. so your http port 80 proxy is ok, right? You may need to create separate virtual host for https , then set it to proxy to 5001. but question is if you can force http to https, you don't need http virtual host...
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    global include configuration

    No exact match. For OLS configuration, you will need to login to OLS web admin to configure there. it may not have eact match. Allow deny, you can create rewrite rules to do so.
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    Opengraph not working properly on Litespeed, needs some config tuning?

    Compare Your PHP setting on OLS with your nginx to try to make them match each other. could be some PHP module or settings required for Opengraph. Also need to check error log to see any errors from stderr.log or error_log.
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    how to install lsphp71?

    Which distro? Some distro only support higher version of PHP. For example, Debian 11, only starting lsphp74, and lsphp80, not lower version.
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    Unable to reset OpenLiteSpeed WebAdmin Console password

    /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ should work. You can log a ticket with us and we need to login to check.
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    Automatic language redirect with htaccess

    Enable rewrite log to check where is wrong in your rule. Also make sure to restart OLS after any changes in .htaccess.
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    How optimize Openlitespeed settings to take advantage of server resources

    it is application-level caused a lot of PHP processes, which lead to high load. You should consider to enable cache for your Wordpress to reduce PHP processes.
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    httpd_config.conf file keeps crashing on 1.7.14

    Any core file generated? If not, What crash do you mean? you should log a bug report by sending email to so that we can login to check further.
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    How can I disable lazy load for Adsense?

    doesn't look a question about OLS, you should check with Google Adsense support.
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    Strange log in access.log

    You can log a ticket with us by sending email to, we need to login to your server to check.
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    reserve proxy to other domain

    You can log a ticket with us by sending an email to, we can check further for you.
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    Whitelist admin-ajax.php from Realm auth

    I don't think you can exlude Realm auth from that directory/context once it sets. Better just allow IPs for your administrators including local IP so you local plugin can access to admin-ajax.php.
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    OLS is preventing WordPress from properly communicating with Apache Tika

    Try to change the following memSoftLimit 2047M memHardLimit 2047M to 16G or even higher like 100G to see how it goes. If still issue, you can log a ticket by sending email to with your server 's full ssh access and steps to reproduce the...
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    Website Getting Stuck at First Load

    Does it show cache hit header when 15 to 20 seconds? Most likely it doesn't. You will need to check the header before testing. Look around 348ms TTFB when I see the cache hit header with without cache hit header, TTFB is around 14.69s...
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    Node.Js Website stalling after MongoDB module required

    You should provide more details on each configuration. Otherwise, we don't know how did you run node.js on OLS, what change did you make, what errors did you experience.
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    mod_security and 406 error

    First, you can disable mod_security competely from server level to set "SecRuleEngine Off". If you just want to make a change to one domain, .htaccess is fine too. Second, If they are failse alarm, you'd better contact the mod_security provider to fix the bugs.
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    What is the strange problem with OpenLiteSpeed and Redis Object Cache?

    the plugin Redis Object Cache for PHP users, Do you mean LSCWP plugin object cache settings? users C appears “Permission denied”, Can you show more details from the error log for what kind of permission issue.
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    Can't login csf admin page when config it to virtual host in openlitespeed

    You can log a ticket with us. We can login and check further.
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    Server Error Log in WebAdmin console is empty

    Please try to upgrade to 1.7.14 to see if it is ok. If not, please log a ticket and we can login to your server to check.
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    Website Getting Stuck at First Load

    first load for about 15 to 20 seconds, it is the speed when you disable LSCWP? When cache hit, it should be pretty good, but when cache expired, it will be slow. You can set LSCWP crawler to warmupcache before cache expires.